How often have we seen older men dating women much younger than them? How often have we thought about it and even cringed, at times, when thinking about it? Although it is not illegal, it is not yet universally accepted, but it happens all the time. The fact, however, is that, all over the world, older men prefer to date younger women and there are real reasons behind their behavior.

12 Reasons Older Men Seek Younger Women

1. Because of its resistance

There is no question that, compared to women who are older, younger women have more stamina and could continue for longer periods of time. In addition, they do not suffer from age-related ailments, such as joint pain, body aches, etc., which affect older women and interrupt sex. Tough, as it may seem, younger women have these advantages that attract men to have an affair with them.

2. Because of the midlife crisis

Men who may feel insecure about their position in life, society, and their careers tend to seek validation through dating younger women. Compared to them, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that they might not enjoy compared to women their age. The affirmative factor associated with dating younger women acts as a major trigger for dating them.

3. Younger women are smarter

Younger women tend to have better bodies by the general standard of older men. They are fitter and more active. They are ready to explore things that older women might not approve of. Younger women are more receptive to experimentation. This gives older men good reasons to be with them .

4. They can get rid of them easier

Younger women, not all, and compared to older women, may have many options for everyone and might be fine with dating and abandoning men. They still have most of their lives in front of them and therefore may not be looking for long-term relationships. This makes it easier for these men to drop out (unacceptable but true) and thus they become the targets for older men.

5. Because of the anonymity they get

Older men and younger women have two very different social circles. They have different friends and hang out with completely different groups of people. This makes it easier to keep the relationship a secret and to act secretive. This can be a win-win situation and therefore easy for the behavior to prevail.

6. Younger women are more flexible

When it comes to sex, younger women are much more flexible, both in terms of attitude and body. They can be fine with things that older women are not. They may be open to practices that older women wouldn’t even consider. Older men, therefore, look to younger women to achieve fantasies that may not have lived with older women.

7. They give them less work

The older man, in a relationship with a younger woman, may not have to take any responsibility. You don’t need to be emotionally responsible for them or worry about long-term factors. This, in a way, relieves you of a lot of responsibilities and work that you may have to put in when dating an older woman.

8. Less liability

Younger women may still be exploring. They may be looking at options in life and may not be emotionally attached to men, in most cases. This untethered setting is a win-win for both parties and brings them together for a love affair or an adventure that would not have been possible otherwise.

9. It gives them power

The older man, compared to a younger woman, has much more experience and authority. Dating a younger woman usually puts him in a place of power where he dictates the terms. It is what you like that defines the relationship and it is your desires that tend to fill the affair. Given that position, an older man may be tempted to seek out a much younger woman.

10. Your ego feeds

An older man who dates much younger women and does so publicly may also be looking at the social image that the relationship creates. While many of us may be ashamed in private, for them it is a power play. Having a young woman in your arms in front of their social circle gives their ego a trip that is irresistible to them. Also, the younger woman may feel like pleasing the man, which ignites his ego, justifying the matter perfectly, for him.

11. Receive low rejection rates

Younger women, not all, prefer slightly older men. Some of these men may be in a position of power or authority that is irresistible to women, and therefore rejection rates drop dramatically. Compared to older women, they may not damage your ego to that extent, as you may not even be that emotionally attached. Therefore, the attraction becomes stronger.

12. Adventure

Older men may have had a lot of experience, but the thought of another affair could prompt them to act in strange ways. With younger women, he may have experiences that he may not have with older women. This hope of adventure attracts them and they love being with younger women who could give them a good time.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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