Excessive sweating is actually a physical and social problem known as hyperhidrosis, which affects the self – esteem of those who suffer from it, either due to excessive perspiration that moistens clothing, especially under the armpits or the bad smell it produces.

We will show you how to avoid excessive sweating and natural treatments against bad smell in the armpits that will help you to improve this uncomfortable problem, with infusions, the use of natural products and an adequate diet to avoid body odor.

 How to avoid excessive sweating

When sweat accumulates, either due to glandular, hormonal factors, nervous states or stress, it gives way to the formation of bacteria, which release gases that are the cause of bad odor in critical areas such as the armpits, hands, face and feet.

Other causes of the bad smell of sweat can be the type of food that is ingested, the presence of fungi, remains of deodorants, soaps and dead skin cells.

These recipes will help you reduce armpit odor by acting on the bacteria and fungi that produce it.

Natural remedies against armpit odor from excess sweat

Homemade recipe against perspiration
Mix willow bark tea with borax and then moisten the armpits with this preparation.

Vinegar and alcohol for underarm odor
Mix two parts of vinegar with one of alcohol and apply every night to clean armpits and feet.

Infusions to sweat less

Prepare an infusion with five tablespoons of dried sage per liter of water, boiling for 15 minutes. Then strain, reserve and drink a cup daily on an empty stomach, preferably cold.
This herb helps to normalize the activity of the sweat glands and reduce sweating as it has antiperspirant properties. Drink the tea preferably cold.

Baking soda for excess perspiration

With clean and dry armpits or feet, apply baking soda using a piece of cotton.
Baking soda prevents bad odor and keeps the area dry for longer, it is even incorporated in many of the deodorants that exist on the market.

Lotions against bad smell in the armpits
Wash the armpits and other areas more prone to sweating with infusions of thyme, lettuce or rosemary.

Food to avoid excessive sweating

Potato for excess perspiration
Peel and cut a potato into slices. Place a few under the arms and repeat a couple of times, renewing the slices. Let the area dry on its own to finally apply a deodorant.

Aloe vera to sweat less
Apply the juice contained in its leaves on clean and dry armpits.
Aloe vera acts as a natural deodorant, helps fight fungus and improves the appearance of the skin. Bear in mind that it can stain clothing if it is dark.

Lemon Juice for underarm odors
Apply lemon juice to your armpits after bathing or mix it with a little baking soda to eliminate odor.

Pine needles
One of the natural ways to fight sweat is to bathe with pine needles.

Dr. Eric Jackson

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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