What is your birthday? This simple question can reveal secrets that each one hides within. Every day of the month is filled with the power of numbers. Although most of the time, numerology requires detailed graphics and sophisticated calculations, this simple and straightforward analysis can shed some light on our destiny.

According to numerology, the day you were born says a lot about you

Most of us love numerology because sometimes it really helps us . The world we live in – the material world – is built on patterns. This simple observation was well established in Ancient Greece. Occult and philosophical schools go to great lengths to describe and define the power of numbers. Sure, numerology could take a few years to master, but are you curious to see if this simple analysis can reveal valuable information?

Let’s start.

Day 1: A leader

According to numerology, those born on the first day of the month are born with a natural ability to rule and express their power . Independence is a very important virtue for you, if you were born one day first. You breathe the fire of creativity, so you can become a great independent individual. On the other hand, self-centeredness could lead to problems in your relationships.

Day 2: Diplomat

You were born with spatic abilities. Balance and intuition are the keys to a happy life. You want to see smiles on everyone’s faces and your warm heart could easily be broken by people who just don’t understand you. Beauty, art, and music can help you achieve balance in your life. You work very well in cooperation.

Day 3: An enthusiast

The spark of creativity burns in your heart and its light shines in your eyes. This “X-factor” attracts the people around you who really believe that you have something special in your aura. This charisma can help you in all parts of your life, especially if your job has to do with advertising.

Day 4: Trusted person

People seem drawn to your ability to give them hope and power. It seems that many around you depend on you and your trustworthy character. You are a hardworking person, but at the same time you are sensitive. Be careful with your energy levels as they are easily depleted.

Day 5: Sociable

Your communication skills seem invaluable. Everyone around you is easily fascinated by your words and this is a talent that you can really cultivate more to a very commercial extent. On the other hand, traveling can be very fortunate for you (financially, professionally or personally).

Day 6: Birth lover

Even from a young age you have a tendency to seek out your other half. Therefore, you are whole only when you find it. You are a relationship-oriented person with the ability to make a very good family. Somehow, you empathically feel the vibrations of your beloved or beloved and you know exactly what to do.

Day 7: Visionary

A highly developed intuition combined with a philosophical bent and a very sharp mind. You are truly a visionary. Your ideas can change the world. Unfortunately you tend to be influenced and “drained” by others around you. Therefore, you need to spend more time alone.

Day 8: Boss

The power that is in you is remarkable. This is why you should choose to work alone, as you don’t get along with partners. Probably, it is due to your control problems that have to do with your power. You also have a great sense of how to acquire more money. Use this in conjunction with power and the results will be remarkable.

Day 9: Brilliance

Although it is not always very obvious, in fact, you are a genius. Your wise traits often push you to acquire even more experiences in order to further broaden your horizons. There are many times in your life when things mysteriously go wrong. This is because this life that you are living has exceptional karmic significance. But you know … Use your wisdom!

Day 10: You change the rules

Whether you noticed it or not, you were born to change the rules. Wherever you are, your aura constantly changes everything around you as if you were part of a larger mechanism. You have noticed? You were born to handle difficult situations and you are truly capable of leading.

Day 11: Neutralize

Balance is the key to the happiness of your soul. You were born to find the golden section in any possible fight and / or association. Your intuitive nature helps you find the most suitable solutions for each type of problem. Born with the capacity for empathy you can feel when things go wrong so you get less damage. Try to spend some time in your own meditation.

Day 12: You are a catalyst

You possess unimaginable amounts of energy that – when used in the right way – can really change the lives of the people around you. Your body seems to work in a different way than others. As a result, this energy can make you really creative and imaginative, however if you are in a bad mood it can become really dangerous.

Day 13: A winner

Energy and determination are the two keywords for you. In fact, you have the ability to accomplish almost anything you can, as long as you find a way to combine your – sometimes – diverse and conflicting dreams and goals. You work hard and you can work even harder if you can focus on your goals.

Day 14: you are a traveler

Karmic currents seem to be very powerful in this life for you. You have already noticed that things change easily in your life and in just one day you can reach the top or get caught. This flow of energy is what really defines you. But when you travel, things get magical, it’s like you were born to travel.

Day 15: Enchanting

According to numerology, those born on the 15th, have an aura that has something truly unique that hypnotizes others around you and attracts you. Your personal magnetism is strong and can be used in your personal and professional life. You also do great things with the arts. Love life is an area that always needs your attention.

Day 16: Outsider

You have probably realized from an early age that you do not belong to this world. This is probably because you are destined to create a new one. Or maybe all you’ve experienced is a sign to look to other worlds. Your entire life is a powerful karmic message. You were born for great things, possibly also on the material plane.

Day 17: Talented

It seems that you are blessed with such gifts that it makes you so unique. Listen to your heart, as your intuition will likely show you the way to be successful in all areas of your life. You are a truly gifted person whose abilities have yet to be discovered. Numerology says that art could set your powers free , so again, listen to your heart and walk whichever way you feel most comfortable with.

Day 18: Inspiration

Although you can drive successfully, you are better at managing and consolidating projects. This likely comes from your unique empathic ability, which – if cultivated – can aid you in greater awareness, therefore broadening your horizons in any way possible. Your magical mind meets creativity. Success is true if you are patient enough.

Day 19: You get things

There is only one thing on your mind and that is to win in all areas of your life. It seems you can do that relatively easy. That’s probably something other people envy you for. You have that magical something that can open the doors of all opportunities. Your aura possesses attractive abilities. Use it to attract good fortune.

Day 20: Empathetic

It is absolutely impossible to reject your natural intuitive abilities. In reality, they are so big that they can scare others. Although your abilities can help you in many areas of your life, you have to ground yourself and protect yourself from times at times because all of these emotions can turn into a ticking bomb.

Day 21: You are a celebrity

You tend to make very large social circles, even from a young age. But even if you don’t prefer the company of many people, you must have already understood that others crave your attention, probably because of your many talents and of course because of the magical way you communicate. This particular skill is what defines you from all the others.

Day 22: Calibrator

It’s really amazing how easy you can turn a lost cause into a successful project. This comes naturally to you as your intellectual abilities work perfectly with your intuition. Your heart and mind can create miracles if you learn to maintain this balance. Patience is the key.

Day 23: Communicator

Your spiritual magnetism creates an aura of attraction around you. If you learn how to use your natural communication skills along with your amazing charisma, you can become really famous and successful. According to numerology, this magical “something” in you is a gift that you should definitely learn to use.

Day 24: Caregiver

Your good heart is born to give love and affection to anyone around you. This natural tendency makes you unique and invaluable. People seem to depend and unfortunately tie themselves to your energy. This is something you should learn to deal with, unless you want to wake up with depleted energy levels.

Day 25: You are a guide

Yes, you achieve what you want and you always try to finish what you have already started. However, this is not always beneficial. You don’t always have to analyze and put as much effort into finishing a project – especially when this project no longer meets your needs. Try to meditate and reevaluate your goals.

Day 26: You are strength

You must already know that your power exceeds time and space. On the other hand, you are decisive and can easily find a way to persuade others. However, don’t try to control people because even if you are successful in the beginning, you will face the consequences later. Show your way and stay confident with everything and listen to others as well.

Day 27: You are an analyst

You have an amazing ability to analyze things, people and situations around you. Your powerful mind has the ability to cope with even the most complicated problems and that is why others look up to you. Try to find some peace as the mind needs a little rest. Love can help you find balance in your life.

Day 28: You take risks

Challenges come and go, but you always have something to declare to the world. You are not an easy player. If someone wants to challenge you, they should think twice. One of your talents is changing the outcome of projects. When things go wrong, you are the first to call. You play safe, however.

Day 29: Counselor

That is what defines you. Your ability to judge and consult others. Your phone probably rings all the time from people asking you for advice. Although, this can sometimes be rewarding, if it happens persistently, it can drive you crazy. Therefore, you must find a way to balance the needs of the people around you with what you really want.

Day 20: You are charismatic

Yes, it is something that is so unique. This particular “something” is so strong that you can use it to attract the people you love around you. You are an avid communicator, diplomat, and entertainer. Therefore, you do very well when you work in a group. According to numerology, you are a perfect team leader, probably due to your invaluable intellectual abilities.

Day 31: Organizer

Your organizational skills can build a fruitful and abundant life. You have an amazing ability to work hard but also keep your energy levels high. This makes you surprisingly creative and a born winner. Your self-discipline is remarkable, but it sometimes makes it difficult for others to work with you. Let them help you!

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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