The stress is the main reason for the emergence of numerous ailments and diseases, but not everyone is aware of this, although experts always warn about the consequences of stress, sometimes presents some symptoms that we must consider if we want to have unpleasant consequences.

This condition can be a very serious thing, especially when it cannot be noticed immediately due to some unclear symptoms of stress. Trying to reduce the causes of stress and calm your spirits is highly recommended as it is very important in order to protect your health from many medical conditions.

Common symptoms of stress

These are some of the symptoms of stress that end up revealing in our body, to which we must pay attention if we want to maintain our health in optimal condition.

1. Decreased libido

Stress can also be the cause of a decrease in libido, as it decreases the amount of hormones for sexual activity. Stress can lead to helplessness and exhaustion.

In order to preserve intimate life in the couple, you can practice some technique to relax the body. And another solution for this can be a simple conversation with your partner about this problem, at the root we must know that it is an exhaustion conditioned by the load of stress, releasing that load will free us from a great series of derived problems.

2. Hair loss

The medical director and founder of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology Chicago, says that approximately 100 hairs are lost every day and without our being aware of it. The stress is the main reason for increased hair loss and also damaged hair, because stress can cause an alteration in normal physiological functions of the body.

After three to four months, the amount of hair loss becomes greater as the damaged hair falls out. This is a very negative result. The changes in the hair are mainly due to the stressed body says Carolyn Jacob, this is another of the symptoms of stress that we should not ignore .

If you are experiencing hair loss, check the amount of stress you are under, and do your own tests, try to modify your rhythm of life, and in a few months you will notice that your hair stops falling out.

3. Variations in weight

Stress can also be the cause of some weight variations , as it can lead to weight loss due to decreased appetite, but it can also be responsible for gaining weight due to reduced metabolism. So if you notice any of these changes, you need to check the stress levels in the body and try to reduce it immediately. Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding the ups and downs, ensures that the body is not exposed to the negative effects of the rebound effect or drastic weight variations.

4. Constant feeling of anxiety

If you are in a constant sense of anxiety and you are not able to stay still or calm, and you constantly feel uncomfortable, anxious and restless , it is a very clear symptom of being stressed . You need to take some steps in order to resolve this condition and deal with the problem. If immediate action is not taken, this is only going to get worse.

5. Not being able to sleep

The sleep problems may also occur because of too much stress , so if you notice any changes in your sleep routine, or you can not get enough sleep or you sleep more than before because you feel exhausted, you’re getting a clear signal of the stress you suffer.

Your body is always fighting stress, in a battle that doesn’t end even when you stay in bed. So you have to define the source of the problems that leave you without a good rest.

When you have problems with stress, the first thing that changes is your sleep routine. You must find a solution to deal with stress as soon as possible, such as meditation, healthy diet, exercise, or yoga.

6. Mood swings

Mood can change dramatically when stress affects hormone levels . It can cause other complications such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, many mental health problems, addictions, or anxiety. So consult someone about your problems as soon as possible in order to protect your overall health.

7. Body aches

The body pain is often the first symptom of a health problem, so you definitely should examine the source of the pain. Stress can be the cause of a malfunction of the body and can lead to palpitations, muscle tension, diarrhea, ulcers, stomach problems or chest pain, among many other ailments, many times linked to the symptoms of stress that occur when the load is very large.

Stress can make headaches worse , cause pain throughout the body, and cause severe arthritis. So you should help your body deal with problems by reducing stress level and improving your health.

8. Lack of patience

Everyday problems can easily make you lose your patience, and it is very likely that you may feel irritated, intolerant, angry and impatient. So, learn to deal with your stress level to reduce your reactions, with this you will achieve more harmony in your relationships and contact with the outside, remember that stress manifests itself as a vicious circle.

9. Thinking about work all the time

When you are stressed, you will spend more hours than normal focused on your work, obligations and finances, however, it is necessary that you begin to take things more calmly and slow down.

If you are constantly thinking about problems, you will only worsen your situation not only mentally, but also the physical part, since these symptoms of stress lead to physical and psychological problems. Try to relax to get a change, and do not occupy your mind with stressful jobs to supplant boredom, better than that get tasks that distract your mind. Enjoy some family time and outdoor activities.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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