Read on if you want to learn about the  mistakes that hurt your  love life without you realizing it. Whether we admit it or not, our hearts want to love and be loved. Our body likes it when we are intimate, and our soul feels nurtured when we are in a relationship with someone.

We know that relationships bring us our greatest joys and our greatest challenges. From a spiritual perspective, relationships allow two people to come together to grow, share, and evolve to higher states . It is in the context of a relationship with another individual that we clearly see the dishonest parts of ourselves.

Many people feel lonely, fearful, and desensitized as a result of pressures from outside sources. Others of us learn to resist while we are programmed by society and before we notice it we learn to block our best selves. The healing of the past and the change of mentality significantly improves personal relationships, including romantic ones.

Errors that prevent you from having a satisfactory love life

These are the key mistakes that prevent you from attracting the right person and living a love relationship with greater fullness and quality:

The relationships our ancestors had are very different from what we have today. Now it is more complex than in ancient times. The roles that people had in relationships have changed, this change created a lot of uncertainty, fear and mistrust.

1. Hide flaws and weaknesses

This is a great challenge since we have been programmed to feel shame for things that we do not perceive as good. This makes us hide parts of ourselves for fear of being rejected. The truth is that if we hide part of ourselves, we can never build the trust necessary for a real relationship.

2. Losing our individuality

It usually happens when we live fully in the relationship and we believe it is valid to do anything in the name of love. But, you do not realize that they may be using love as a form of control, and maintaining individuality is necessary, perhaps that is what made your partner fall in love at first, and you think that you no longer need to be.

3. Follow patterns and fall into the routine

When we do this, our relationship lacks creativity, fun, and growth. Such a relationship ends up being consumed until it is extinguished, since monotony can overshadow the intensity of love, and wrongly translate it into a relationship by commitment. In this case, creativity, the same feeling of love and doing different things, must be enough to avoid falling into this great mistake of routine.

4. Emotional disconnection

If any of the partners is disconnected, then the relationship is a soulless entity. A relationship is made up of two members, if one of the two is disconnected, it is very likely that they feel an emptiness and it can become normal, since each one needs to have their own space; But when this disconnection becomes part of a routine, the relationship does not go well, since it would be supported only by one person. In these cases, communication is the appropriate means to resume a deeper connection.

5. Do not share secrets that could improve the relationship

This behavior can cause a lot of turmoil in the relationship. Assuming that the other person knows what you think or feel, only causes a greater disconnection in the couple. Perhaps what you do not dare to share is precisely something that can serve as a bridge to bring you closer to your partner, and at the same time, can help you overcome it.

6. Wanting to change the partner in our own way

For you to feel loved or for you to love, the other person must be who we need them to be. This is conditional love (as opposed to unconditional love). By not allowing the other person to be who they really is, you are sabotaging your relationship and also trying to maintain an attraction towards a fictional being, when in reality your partner is a real being and you must love him as he is, if you really want to. .

7. Blaming others for what you feel

In reality, we are responsible for how we feel and it is not someone else’s responsibility to make us happy. We make ourselves happy first so that others can make us happy, and even so that we can share that happiness with others, not the other way around.

8. Play caregiver

A healthy relationship is between two adults, not two children or a child and a parent. When we are caring for someone who is not caring for himself, we are not allowing our relationship to evolve. When we grow emotionally, we learn to take care of ourselves so that someone doesn’t have to do it for us.

9. You control the results and situations

When we control the other person or how things unfold, we are living in fear, not in love. Surrender to the relationship, let the other person live and trust that everything will develop perfectly. In this way the flame of love is fanned and many things that are not planned may surprise you.

The state of human relations today is generally poor. No matter the level, if it is from head of state to head of state, there are always mistakes that undermine the relationship. I sincerely hope you use this list of mistakes so that you can better cultivate your relationship. Love and wisdom emerge from shared experiences to nurture your soul and mind.

In a relationship there can be no martyrs who give up everything in exchange for the other party to feel good. If you or your partner decide to use manipulation techniques, then it is better to leave the relationship because there is no love. Love is like a plant that needs enough water to develop, more or less water is fatal.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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