One of the most influential and popular people on LinkedIn, Jeff Hadeny, who has written almost 30 books on communication and business, explains how, for some people, it is very easy to gain the trust of everyone and create, in turn, a positive image of themselves. At Sleeeeeep we invite you to review what these nine characteristics are, which according to him, charming and charismatic people commonly always have .

9 characteristics of charming people

The charm, according to the dictionary, is the quality of attracting or fascinating others. Charm is the ability to make other people like you, and it is a mistaken belief that this comes naturally. Whether you are loved or not is under their control. Learn to be a charming person, here are some characteristics that distinguish them and that you can learn if you want to transform your life.

They have no fear of losing

A lovely person is not out there trying to win at everything. Their goal, most of the time in an unconscious way, is to give without receiving anything in return. It is not difficult for them to admit where they failed, their failures, or even talk about their weaknesses. And we all know that, that is something that not all of us can do.

They say in an open way because they can: “You make me jealous” or “Please show me this, I can’t do it”, since they know that people really appreciate real emotions and honesty. And they will show that they are delighted to meet you, honestly.

They show you that they are happy to meet you

Seeing eye to eye, maintaining that visual connection is very important in the middle of a conversation, and lovely people do it with confidence. They nod, frown, and smile when you do. Not only do they repeat gracefully and in complicity with what you say, everything after you, they focus on what you speak listening to you carefully, paying attention to everything.

The power of this feedback allows you to find common ground between the two of you, the speaker and yourself and gain their trust.

They are kinesthetic

Our touch, touching things, is a great tool that serves and helps to better understand people’s emotions. Certain experiments have shown that, when a group of people tried to express some emotions while the interlocutor touched them, 50 to 83% of the cases expressed these emotions correctly.

So when you want to celebrate someone, just think that waving or gently touching someone on the shoulder is lovely. This will support your sincerity, help you express your emotions more correctly, and in turn gain the trust of your interlocutor.

Facial expressions are his quality

They are charming who know how to express their emotions in a precise and excellent way. They turn the most boring story into a truly gripping one. They know how to gesture and make faces (when required), to express the mood of what they are saying in their story. This obviously helps to genuinely ignite the interest of your interlocutor.

They always remember names

Charismatic people always remember the names of things or people in an incredible way. The fact that someone remembers your name when they have known you for a short time definitely makes you feel important.

A charming person, always calls people by name, can even remember the names of their family, friends and even pets. This person will only think positively of you.

They are not afraid of sometimes looking like a fool

Ice skating or riding a horse may not be your strong suit, but you’re not afraid to do it, even though it can be disastrous if you trip or fall. People respect them even more for that.

When you are ready to show your weaknesses and you are not afraid to look silly, people do not laugh at you. They laugh with you. Because everyone understands that this is all okay.

They seek mutual understanding

It is almost a rule that when we talk with someone we almost always see disagreements and contradictions in the other, which can lead to disputes. Charming people, on the other hand, always look for points in agreement and always remain with their interlocutor, in agreements and common points.

If you want to start being more charming with people, always seek to find something in common with them when you talk. This even helps to start a conversation and create positive emotions in your environment.

Lovely people listen more and talk less

It is difficult today for people to want to sit down and listen, therefore it is also difficult to find someone who will listen to you. It seems that everyone wants to share only their own things. It is an experience that leaves a pleasant feeling when you are telling your story, and you see how people are listening attentively and reacting to your words emotionally. Lovely people are good listeners, and they love listening more than talking. For them, this is an opportunity that helps them learn things about another person that they have in common.

They are good at asking questions.

Charming people encourage you to talk about yourself for the sole purpose of making you see that you are important to them. They ask you questions without hesitation, and they talk openly about themselves as well. They show that they really are interested in what you are thinking, this makes them trustworthy people.

When you discover something about someone else that is similar to what happens to you in your real life, more interesting in them and ask them questions, this will give them the guideline to know that there is something common between the two and that it can be an excellent topic of conversation.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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