Being a mother is without a doubt the hardest job you will ever have. The high points may be the best times of your life, but the lows are merciless. If you are not fighting with your teenager or struggling to get your baby to stop crying, you are worried about everything from his social life to his diet. At the end of the day, they all want to be a good mom , the best mom you can be. But there are always gaps that make you think that things can be done much better.

Signs that you are a good mother

Each mother has her individual approach to what parenting is, yet sometimes as mothers we feel that we are not parenting in the right way. But this feeling of inadequacy is usually unfounded. Here’s the thing: Being a good mom isn’t as hard as you’ve been led to think. In fact, it’s the simple things that really matter.

Take a look at eight signs that you are doing your job well.

You are exhausted

No one said that motherhood was a walk in the park. Good mothers generally put their children’s eating, sleeping, playing, and bathing times before their own, and that usually means a few nights of lost sleep and not much downtime during the day.

You know your priorities

Raising your child to be a successful and happy adult comes before anything else. This means that the values ​​that you accept, such as kindness and perseverance, must be integrated into your child’s life. This generally means that you are the example, allowing your child to learn about your values ​​on his own.

You support it

Even though you prioritize your values, your child depends on you for encouragement in their everyday life. Mental stimulation is the way a child grows up in almost all ages, and being there for them on the sidelines and encouraging them in their endeavors means that you are doing something right.

You are not afraid to enforce the rules

A good mother knows how to be emphatic when her child is misbehaving. Many mothers go out of their way to be friends with their children, but you know it’s not your job. Regardless of your child’s age, you understand the importance of consistently setting rules in your home, and if they disobey, they know they will face consequences. This is one of the most important character building elements of being a mother. Usually leads to safe and disciplined adults.

You know the importance of freedom and fun

Discipline is important as a parent, but that’s only one side of the coin. Having fun with your child is what will ultimately strengthen your relationship and bring enrichment to a child’s life. Your child will know that there is work time and play time, and they need to know that you will be there for both.

This means that you take substantial time out of your day to have fun or play together. It could mean taking him to the park or aquarium, or they could be playing at home or in the backyard. Making sure your child gets his daily dose of fun is one of the main responsibilities of being a mother .

A child’s brain is most absorbing in their early years, and allowing our child to learn means giving them the freedom to explore and discover for themselves. You can feel like you want to hold his hand everywhere, like on his first day of school. But each child needs to come to an understanding of the world around them on their own. Keeping them constantly protected from reality can prevent them from developing in a healthy way.

Your children are polite

Have you ever been on a plane and a misbehaved child sits behind you, kicking your seat and making noise? And the parents stay there without intervening. You don’t want to be that father. Well, good parents don’t succumb to their children. “Please” and “thank you” should be the foundations of your child’s language and they should begin to understand social cues as young as possible. It is never too early to teach respect.

Your children want to show you affection

If there is one thing we all know about children, it is that they cry. A lot of. If their leg has been scraped or another child has hurt their feelings, they should find comfort in your arms. The touch of a mother is usually something instinctive, it cannot be learned unless they have that connection, so your young child should seek that love and affection from you.

So, whether it is a hug, a kiss or simply a loving hand to wipe away their tears, they must feel protected and safe with you, and in return, they must also give that physical affection.

If you have a teenager, they feel embarrassed to be seen with you

Take comfort in this. Adolescence will bring with it a fierce desire for independence and their social lives begin to dominate everything else. So don’t feel discouraged or demoralized if your child wants to distance himself from you in public or even at home. It means that they are growing up, and their love for you at fourteen is the same as it was at four. Kids just have a weird way of showing it.


Motherhood is an overwhelming responsibility. It can be fun, but it can also be challenging and exhausting , and it brings with it a great deal of emotion. Sometimes you need a little reassurance that you are on the right track as a mother, and we hope that the principles we have listed will help form a better relationship with your child, so that it can really last a lifetime.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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