Life can be very simple, we are the ones who make it more complicated than it really is. Refusing to live in the present is one of our main problems, this keeps us trapped between the past and the future, and when something positive happens, we do not enjoy it completely because we continue to worry about the future and when something negative happens we tend to deny it, like If we were able to make it disappear

hard to accept truths that will set you free

When we deny our reality and remain absent to the present, problems are further aggravated and, often, it prevents us from effectively coping with adversity, because we cannot see it in an objective way. By accepting our reality and being present we are taking a great step forward towards our well-being. And we can start with precisely certain truths of life that are difficult to accept, but when we finally understand and accept them they will have a liberating effect.

1. People leave

Everyone has their own path, sometimes we are fortunate to meet someone for a long time, and time does not seem enough. Although it hurts to assume, the fact is that people are constantly in and out of our lives, and we do the same with them.

It’s sad, especially when we have a special bond with someone, but learning to “let go” is one of the most difficult lessons we face in life. Sometimes people come back, sometimes they leave forever, and the important thing is to take advantage of the wonderful moments that we can spend with them. When there is a strong emotional bond, time will never be enough, but being sure that we are enjoying this relationship is a great balm to heal the emptiness that will arise later.

2. Only we can heal

We need the help of others, especially in difficult times, but the fact is that when emotional wounds occur, only we can heal them. The people who accompany us can encourage and comfort us, but it is we who must find the strength to carry on.

This means that we must pay more attention to ourselves and not neglect the little child that lives within us. An excellent technique is to practice mirror meditation. During the first few minutes, nothing will happen, but if you insist, you will begin to see that person reflected in the mirror differently.

3. If you want something, you have to give something in return

We live in the age of instant gratification, but the truth is that valuable things have always required a dose of risk and sacrifice. And this has not changed. If you really want something, if you have a dream, you have to fight for it. Often this means that you have to give up something.

Each decision involves choosing to follow one path and discarding the others, which means that you will have to give up other things. Pretending to have everything is a childish and unrealistic attitude that leads to frustration. Therefore, we only have to decide if the sacrifice is really worth it, decide what we are willing to give to get something in return.

4. You can’t escape the pain

Life includes all extremes: love and hate, health and disease, gain and loss. We cannot live in a bubble, claiming to be safe from pain, suffering and disappointment, because that would mean that we are not living.

In a sense, painful emotions purify us and make us more human, bring us back to our mortality, and often allow us to develop a more balanced outlook on life as well. Of course, nobody wants to suffer, but as adversity will end up knocking on our door as well, the most sensible thing to do is to assume what happened and try to put the pieces back together as soon as possible.

5. The ties that comfort you are also those that imprison you

Throughout our lives, we maintain special relationships, we establish relationships that comfort us and make us feel safe. They can be our parents, family or friends. Knowing that they are there to help us gives us a nice sense of calm. However, the same limitations that comfort us are also those that imprison us. It is a difficult reality to accept, but that is it.

Dependence is one of the main causes of suffering and can become an obstacle that prevents us from fully realizing our potential. In fact, when emotional ties stop being comforting and become too close, they become a problem. We need to find the balance to be able to develop mature relationships in which no one is the owner of the other, and everyone has the maximum freedom to be himself and make his own decisions.

6. Safety is an illusion

We spend most of our lives searching for safety, and when we think we’ve found it, we act like it’s a jewel to protect in the safe. Thinking in terms of security and stability comforts us and allows us to alleviate the uncertainty of the future. But if it is true that we need a degree of stability and security, it is also true that most of the things we take for granted can disappear at any moment.

Understanding that security is an illusion, more or less intense depending on the person, is extremely liberating because it will allow us to stop clinging to things and people to really learn and fully enjoy life. Being aware that what we have today could not exist tomorrow will allow us to value it much more and, above all, to feel happier here and now.

7. Life is not fair or unfair

Life is just life, it is a continuous flow where everything changes continuously. Life is not fair or unfair, it is the labels that we apply according to our expectations, with what we think we deserve or not, which can impoverish or beautify it. Therefore, it is absolutely useless to think that life has not rewarded us as we deserved, because this creates only a deep feeling of dissatisfaction and can also lay the foundation for learned helplessness.

Life is precious, with better and worse times, we must be prepared to enjoy the good times and face the difficult ones. Making value judgments will not add anything constructive to the situation.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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