We can start by saying that there is no ” perfect couple ” and although if there are intelligent couples , no matter how much love, understanding and communication there is in a relationship, there will always be differences, fights and even the possibility of a break up since no one can be so wise in love and relationships and mistakes are made even by intelligent couples.

Top mistakes smart couples make


Not dividing household chores equally is a very common mistake even in intelligent couples , even in intelligent couples, since doing it in this way can turn out to be the most solomonic and balanced, although it is not always the smartest idea , as some may be receiving the shortest part of the rod.

Not knowing how to divide the tasks in the couple

The ideal is to create a system that economists call “comparative advantage”, where each one is responsible for what they do best; for example, if a party knows how to buy food better, it should take care of it; while the other party may be better at cleaning and should take care of that issue.

Regardless of the fact that sometimes a week the balance leans to one side and they finish 60 to 40; you can always find a way to balance. With this method, each one will do things better for the common good and this is a good habit that, for sure, an intelligent partner can adopt.

Wait for your partner to be in the mood

Whether on privacy issues or common issues, many times it is best to wait, but this policy can lead to long and useless waits. Experts propose that in these cases the couple to propose (worth the redundancy), seek, incite and even provoke; since the couple has the power and faculties to change their spouse’s mood.

Letting a losing streak affect

Relationships inevitably have ups and downs, but the mistake is to let yourself be affected by a losing streak and hope that it will pass alone. In those bad and crisis moments you have to act and take the bull by the horns, express support and provide help.

Continue a discussion

Many times we can spend all night arguing without reaching an agreement, we persevere because we believe we are right at all costs. This is a very bad idea, although there is a belief not to go to bed angry, many times a long discussion only wears the partner down with little chance of a quick solution; better to wait for the next day when tempers are calmer, there has been time to reflect and resume the conversation with less passion. Smart couples must also learn to discuss their differences, without wasting time and health.

Assuming that our partner knows what we want

While it is true many couples intuit what is happening, sometimes it is impossible to read what is happening in your partner’s head, what is happening or what is happening. In this case, communication must be transparent and direct, letting your partner know what you really need and want, not expecting him to guess or discover.

Postponement of kind gestures

Procrastinating our obligations as spouses is very common, letting the time of something your partner want pass is easy to forget or, what is worse, not giving it the due importance. In these cases, you must comply with what is promised, reward your partner and not leave for tomorrow what can be done today.

Underestimate small changes

Not looking at your partner’s new haircut or any change that he has made both in his physique and in his behavior, can often be forgetfulness or distraction but they affect the relationship by being overlooked for a long time. It is these small details that feed a relationship of details that strengthen the bond. Being detailed and highlighting those small changes always keeps the couple relationship alive.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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