Every woman wants to always look attractive, but as the years go by, things could start to change. We will help you to know 7 habits that are aging you, so you will be able to take care of yourself and be able to delay the aging process in your face and body, so even if time passes you can look great.

The following bad habits are causing you to age faster

It is true that it is difficult to change the habits that we have had all our lives, but did you know that many of them result in your skin aging before its time ? It is urgent that you get rid of those habits, the effort is worth it.

1 – Insomnia

Getting enough sleep is really necessary for your health and well-being. When you have trouble sleeping, one of the main things that tend to age is your skin. This is because when you are dreaming, a growth hormone is released, which is responsible for stimulating the growth of the production and transformation of collagen in the tissues, but especially at the level of the skin and face. So when you don’t sleep, this process doesn’t happen.

2 – Exposing yourself too much to the sun’s rays

The solar radiation is one of the first aging factors . It results in the appearance of spots on the skin, thickening and very patent wrinkles. When you tan, you not only change the color of your skin, but also contribute to skin aging ahead of time, you should always try to use sunscreen, when you are young you will not notice it, but when you add years to your calendar you will want to have used before sunscreens.

3 – Stress

For sure it is confirmed that stress is one of the reasons why many age before their time. We know that stress is part of the day to day, but unfortunately it favors the appearance of expression lines, gray hair and hair loss among many other negative effects on our body, in itself, we can consider stress as an annoying enemy that we it affects both inside and out.

4 – Sedentary lifestyle

People who are usually active enjoy a much better quality of life. Spending a lot of time in the same place daily can quickly lose your youth and expose you to an endless list of diseases according to a study. Moderate exercise prevents aging.

5 – Smoking

It is fully proven that when smoking your body finds the entrance to premature old age , by doing so you get a much rougher, more fragile and rigid skin. This helps your lungs get damaged much faster.

6 – fasting

If you have the habit of skipping breakfast believing that you will lose weight this way, you are in serious error. When you do, your metabolism slows down, causing an unfavorable effect on weight loss, in addition, by not eating food, your body feeds on your own proteins, which includes collagen, without it the elasticity of the skin is reduced.

7 – Holding a grudge

Holding a grudge adds damage to your body. According to a medical study, people who find it very difficult to forgive, increase the activity of the nervous system which makes you consume many medications and decreases the quality of sleep. Holding a grudge increases the levels of the hormone called “cortisol.” This hormone causes a person to gain weight, raises blood sugar, and the chances of developing diabetes are very high. Be positive and you will be happy, so you will have a better quality of life and delay aging.

Delay old age: avoid 7 habits that are aging you

  • The exercise helps makes your whole body to regenerate. Do 10 to 30 minutes of physical activity, it will be enough for you to begin to notice the incredible changes that you will have in your body, and believe me, you will feel much better.
  • Take natural juices of orange , lemon and tangerine, vitamin C provides a large amount of antioxidants, which prevents the aging of your skin.
  • Sleeping well stimulates creativity and memory, apart from that it helps the cardiovascular system work much better and thus you will have splendid skin.
  • Take care of your eye area , there are specialized products that help reduce expression lines.
  • Always take care of your hands , as they are one of the first parts of the body to age. Exfoliate your hands regularly and use moisturizers.
  • If it gives you anxiety, eat a fruit and it is much better if you select strawberries, grapes or apples, in this way in addition to avoiding anxiety you also provide the body with a good source of nutrients.

Unfortunately, it is not in our hands to eliminate aging but it does not mean that we cannot do something to delay its arrival, so change those habits that are aging you and perhaps you were unaware of it.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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