When choosing the foods that we are going to taste, many times we do not keep in mind which ones are the most suitable for our health. And what are the food combinations that we should avoid so as not to interfere with digestion and not feel heavy.

Without a doubt, the rush and lack of time are bad allies when we get to the stove. So we explain the food combinations that you should avoid to have good health and enjoy meals avoiding heartburn, indigestion or stomach aches .

But before talking about the food combinations that you should avoid, it is worth remembering that proteins are present in foods such as eggs, cheeses, white fish and seafood, meats and legumes. Carbohydrates appear in fruits, potatoes, corn, rice or whole wheat pasta among others. Vegetables and vegetables are part of antioxidant foods

Food Combinations You Should Avoid

It is not advisable to mix proteins with carbohydrates

1- It is not advisable to mix proteins with carbohydrates because each one to break down in the stomach, respectively, needs acidic and alkaline gastric juices. When these are mixed they are neutralized, and therefore the stomach suffers when trying to digest food, in many cases not doing so and causing those annoying indigestion or heartburn.


  • Pancakes with egg
  • Burgers

Carbohydrates and proteins are digested differently, so consuming them together can make digestion more difficult. Several diets have come out around this concept and claim that if you separate carbohydrates from protein, you will lose weight.

Avoid mixing two proteins

2- Nor should you consume two proteins in the same meal since this is a bad combination of foods. Instead it is somewhat healthier to mix two carbohydrates.


  • Bacon and eggs
  • Nuts and yogurt

Why: Concentrated proteins take a long time to break down, further compromising the digestive system and depleting energy. The combination of different meats or meats with fish should be avoided.

Instead: It is best to eat meat in the last course of your meal. The first course should not be meat; They should be light vegetables or protein. Meat should be the last dish, as digestive fire and enzymes are at their peak. Never wait more than 10 minutes between dishes at the same meal, as the appetite and digestive enzymes begin to shut down. If you have to eat two concentrated protein sources together, it is best to add high water content vegetables, such as onions, cauliflower, broccoli, or lettuce.

Do not mix proteins and starches

3- It is not convenient to mix proteins and starches because they are two nutrients that may not satisfy the stomach, which is why it is common to consume more than necessary and slow down the digestion process. Proteins break down and starch begins to ferment causing a gas-filled gut.


  • Meat and potatoes
  • Chicken and pasta
  • A turkey sandwich

Why: If an animal protein is eaten with a carbohydrate, such as meat and a piece of bread or a potato, the different digestive juices would nullify the effectiveness of each: “Protein rots and carbohydrates ferment . The result is gas and flatulence in the system.

Adding protein enzymes and carbohydrate enzymes in the same space and time basically makes everything “unclean”, but it is also admitted that many people’s bodies adapt to traditional foods like rice and sushi, and, yes, meat and potatoes, too. And to combinations such as beans and rice, which make a healthy, complete protein, and do not apply to this category of “bad combination”. “Rice and beans have a synergistic effect, promoting better assimilation of each when they are together.

Instead: Combine protein or starches with non-starchy vegetables. If you have to mix animal protein and starch, add the green leafy vegetables to minimize negative side effects.

Do not combine starches and sugar

4- Starches and sugars must go in separate meals. Starches and sugar should not go together either, so let’s forget about bread with jam or banana because we combine two nutrients that are digested differently, this is a bad combination of foods .


  • Pancakes and honey
  • Cereal with milk
  • Potatoes with ketchup

When sugar is combined with starch, saliva secreted during chewing does not contain ptyalin as it enters the mouth, thus interfering with the digestion of starch before reaching the stomach.

This combination blocks the sugar from passing through the stomach until the starch is digested, causing fermentation.

The result of the fermentation of sugars is acidic, and at the same time it further compromises the digestion of starches, which require alkaline media to be digested.

For example, butter that is fat and bread that is a starch are perfectly compatible, however when you add honey or jam, you introduce sugars to the mixture, which interferes with the digestion of starch in the bread.

The same principle applies to sugar-dusted cereals, meringue cakes, sweet cakes, etc.

Don’t combine sugar and fat

5- Sugar and fats should not go hand in hand because although sugar is easy to digest when we combine it with fats, we slow down the process.


  • Sweet bread
  • Ice creams
  • Cakes in general
  • Desserts with dairy and fruit
  • Smoothies with cow’s milk

For example, banana and cow’s milk smoothies are a lousy combination and can wreak havoc on your body, such as gas and heaviness after taking it. In addition, they form toxins and mentally weaken. However, if it is one of your favorite foods, try making smoothies with raw organic cow’s milk shaken with a little water, in turn choosing a banana that is already ripe and adding cardamom or nutmeg to aid digestion. .

On the other hand, combining acidic fruits with dairy alters the intestinal flora, causes nasal congestion, colds, coughs, allergies and generates toxins. Avoid foods that cause congestion like cold yogurt with fruit. However, if you can’t resist the urge to eat yogurt, there are ways to make it lighter for digestion. Choose a homemade plain yogurt at room temperature and add a little honey , raisins and cinnamon instead of acidic fruits.

Fruits should be eaten alone or in combination with their cousin


6- In the case of fruit, the healthiest and healthiest thing is to consume it without any other food , since the natural sugar contained in the fruit accelerates the fermentation process of any food in the stomach, causing indigestion and indigestion. many beneficial vitamins in fruit are not fully utilized.

If you consume citrus fruits such as lemon, pineapple or orange, you must wait twenty minutes before consuming anything else, to allow these fruits to be properly assimilated by the body and thus help clean and prepare the stomach for its correct daily operation. In the case of the rest of the fruit, the ideal is to consume it half an hour before or two hours after the rest of the meal.

If you want to know what are the best food combinations as a solution? be sure to read our Guide to the correct combination of foods.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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