Atyphophobia or fear of failure is the abnormal and unjustified fear of failing, making mistakes, and making mistakes. Many of these phobias are unfounded by perfectionist parents or siblings and in other cases it is the product of an event that occurred in our childhood that as we grow up is forging in our personality.

Unfinished dreams

We all have dreams, we want to do things that we like best to feel alive and complete in every possible way. We are here to find tasks that give meaning to our existence and make this mundane life livable. Philosopher Richard Taylor says that our life has no meaning, what gives it meaning is a sense of purpose: the will to survive.

How many of us really make those dreams come true? The problem is that before we even begin to achieve that dream, many of us have doubts about our ability to do what we love . We are worried and hesitant to try something different.

The voice in our head often says: “I don’t have the time or the money …”

Self-sabotage, product of fear of failure

Self-sabotage is any type of behavior or thought that keeps us away from what we most importantly desire in life. The reluctance on our part to take on new challenges is a characteristic feature of self-sabotaging behavior. It is the conflict that exists between our conscious desires and unconscious desires or as Sigmund Freud would describe it, our identity versus our ego, which manifests itself in patterns of self-sabotage.

This self-sabotaging behavior stems from our fear of failure . The overwhelming feeling that grows within us, gnawing at us, and saying, “You can’t do this,” is what deters us from our goal of achieving the greatness that we are born to do.

What can we do to stop the sabotage of ourselves?

5 ways to overcome the fear of failure

The following are some ways you can get around and dispel that fear of failure. Take note:

Accept the problem

To overcome any problem is to accept that it exists and must face the barriers to overcome it and be able to move forward, having assumed that the problem exists is already an achievement because if the problem is not recognized, you evade it and it will always be there, tormenting you That is why by recognizing your weaknesses you already have one less reason to suffer since somehow you get rid of that which bothers you.

Come up with a strategy

Organization is one of the keys to success, since it allows you to have absolute control of each step of what you want to do and thus avoid those small details that can cause you to go straight to failure. You should always plan everything before, so you can get an idea of ​​what things can lead you to make mistakes. Imagine everything with different scenarios and results, in this way you will already have a knowledge of how to fix everything in order to direct things again towards the much desired success.

Stay positive

Positivity is very important, since in negative environments your unconscious can make you self-sabotage and the blame with failure are not good companions. You are the owner of your actions, you must always be positive since that will give you the confidence you need to not waver in those moments when you think you are about to err, you must believe that everything you do will turn out well, negativity It will only make you delay in getting what you want and you will get caught up in “I can’t”, “it won’t work out for me”, and those kinds of phrases that destroy confidence.

Never doubt your effort

When you try something, you already have a profit because if you never dare, you will never know if things will turn out well or badly. Do not distrust yourself, it is good to question your effort since with this you affirm why you are trying things in the first place, but never fear your effort since the fruit that it can give you is profit or failure, it will teach you how you can do it better or what not to do in order to obtain the long-awaited triumph.

Always have a plan B

If the initial plan does not work or perhaps it did not go as expected, you should always have a contingency plan with which you know that you are definitely not going to fail, it is extremely important not to take things lightly since they will always be your profits and your failures, in addition, that if you are in the process of breaking down the borders that lead you to success, you must put all of yourself, since it is something that you are doing for yourself. It is strictly forbidden to be mean with the realization of your goals, this replacement plan is equal or more important than the initial plan and you must analyze and review everything step by step as many times as necessary in order to achieve what you want so much and finish with that fear to fail.

Many important people say that failure is the key to success because without it you could not improve your way of doing things , and that it is always good to learn from mistakes. Never stop trying something if you make a mistake once, since not trying again is the biggest failure you can have.

From our fears our courage is born and in our doubts our certainties live.
Dreams announce another possible reality and delusions another reason.
Findings await us in the wanderings, because it is necessary to lose oneself to find oneself again.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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