The topic of toxic people, toxic relationships and toxic environments is fashionable , like all topics in psychology that have their own space and moment, and when reading the title of this article, surely you connected it with that without number of toxicity that is currently on the market, well with or without the title, more or less we are going that way. There are people we must avoid.

Life is made to be lived and undoubtedly there are things in the elements that make up the personality of others that can somehow alter us or interrupt our rhythm of life, peace and tranquility, it is a great truth that while we are in contact with people who we Inspire at all times or give us an environment prone to tranquility, we will gain happiness, calm and control, however there are people that we must avoid since they can cause us the opposite.

What does it mean to avoid?

To avoid is to avoid, we do not want the title to allow any confusion about it. Avoiding means keeping on the sidelines, that their influence or energy cannot disturb us in any area of ​​life, it does not mean criticizing, judging, or attacking these people, we are not talking about elimination, you are not the one to judge who should be in a place, nor are you a kind of warrior who must clean the environment of what you judge to be toxic or harmful, your only possibility to face what bothers you or bothers you, is to take a personal position on it, case Otherwise it would be necessary to add yourself to the people worth avoiding, then pay attention to the following.

How to act towards people to avoid

  • Do not make public judgments of others.
  • Never discuss with bosses how bad that person is.
  • Don’t wage an all-out war to finish someone off.
  • Don’t talk about or question the attitudes of others in groups.
  • Do not conspire with your group of friends against any person.
  • Never compare yourself with others to explain why their attitudes are inappropriate.
  • Always remember each individual is living their own struggle.

Avoiding effectively means that you have the ability to ignore the actions and control the emotions that these people can create in you , even more so you are able not to listen and protect yourself from their attacks without returning any action, avoiding in this case is staying low control and this control will make you constantly protected from the onslaught and effects of their actions, remember learning to live together is the goal.

Once we recognize how we should avoid, here you can see a list of the 5 people who would be best to avoid and why.

5 types of people to avoid.

  1. He who talks about others: There is always someone who comes to you with a story about another, and you notice that this attitude happens constantly, each time a different character is in his mouth and in his judgment; These people have earned the number one spot on the list. Think that, if this person talks like this about everyone, it is most likely that you are their topic of conversation with others. People who talk about others do this out of habit, nothing and no one will be safe from their continuous conversations.
  2. The nefarious : This type of personality only predicts calamity, it is inevitable for them to judge something as positive, they will always be showing signs of their negativity, even in happy moments it will sow a doubt that can distress us or lower the levels of happiness, this type of people do not allow the healthy enjoyment of life.
  3. The conflictive: They are people who live for confrontation and conflict, their personality is markedly oriented to create difficulties between people, and other people with it, it is easily identifiable because it always finds an edge to begin with and is constantly looking for something bad in every situation. They will always be mistreated or poorly judged or poorly rewarded. You must avoid it so as not to get involved in their conflicts. They are experts in altering the mood of the calmest.
  4. The competitive : We use this name to assign one to the people who are constantly activated to compete without there being a competition, they are those who know everything, dominate all fields, are wise and are never wrong, their position is rigid in the face of tasks and they do not admit any other position.
  5. The merciful: This individual feels sorry for everyone, wants to help everyone, is constantly looking for weaknesses in others to feel sorry and want to help, help that he gives apparently selflessly. Behind this individual hides a great ego, in addition to his ways of acting incapacitate others to solve their problems by himself, he will be surrounded by people with low self-esteem, and no desire to advance in life.

These are just a few types of people that we should avoid , but remember, surely you will find some more types, use your intuition to detect people who bother you or who do not let you move forward and put these tips into practice, you will always seek a healthy environment and happy.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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