Many times love is not enough, since the emotional support of a person is often his partner, and when he is not in tune with your desires and dreams, it can be the one that imposes the greatest obstacle for you to achieve your dreams, even though you can’t identify it directly. Here are some signs that show how your partner may be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Love, in addition to being a beautiful feeling, is a virtue that allows to express all the good contained in the human being, affection, solidarity, kindness, are some of its characteristics, which allow to produce emotions and attitudes to relate to others that through daily sharing they will add experiences for personal growth, to achieve the dreams of each one.

Love is the force that drives people to act under the parameters of good, it induces joy, strength, peace and tranquility, it does not allow for hypocrisy, envy and deception. Its best expression is unconditional love, which allows you to express and give your best, without expecting anything in return.

The couple’s relationship

It is an affective connection between two people, it goes through different stages, when consolidating a relationship, a real love is sought in a couple, where the other person is your support to achieve goals and dreams, a life partner.

A relationship changes over the years, going from falling in love to a real love, to live, share and grow as a person. In the same way, the people involved change, mature and the search for what is healthy begins , for the goals of dreams.

5 signs that your partner does not allow you to achieve dreams

The couple should be the one who provides the greatest inspiration to be better, to achieve dreams and goals and also provide that necessary support at every moment of the way.

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, the opposite usually occurs, finding the individuals involved in a relationship without a connection, each carrying the burden of their dreams and purposes, without feeling that support that inspires them to fight with greater force.

It is not easy to discover when someone stops the possibilities of achieving what you want in life, less if you have a deep and affective feeling towards him or her, there are certain signs that you should pay attention to since they indicate when the partner is a brake to achieve the dreams and proposed goals.

1. Has no interest in your goals

He does not show interest in the objectives of the other person , no matter how many times he comments on them, he does not give it importance, on the contrary he jokes questioning the possibility of achieving them . This attitude results in diminishing the strength of dreams, and takes them seriously, although jokes can be made when the two parties are in tune, mocking and belittling someone’s dreams is a way of making them lose strength.

2. Highlight your flaws

Makes a list of the defects of the other person, an attitude that, in addition to stopping achievement, destroys the self-esteem of the other , this is capable of ending the positive energy of any person. The defects can be changed, and weighing the strategies to change them for smarter attitudes and actions should be the emotional support that anyone needs, but when they only insist on emphasizing the errors and weaknesses, perhaps you are facing a person who is preventing you from reaching your dreams .

3. He is envious of your achievements

He shows envy of the other’s achievements, which he manifests by wanting to diminish the greatness of what the other has achieved or achieved, expressions such as (it is not so bad, this would be better, there is still much to be achieved) are quite common in this type of persons.

The envy that you produce in the other is a sign that you have already moved from the place where you were, and at least you have made progress that the other can see as a challenge for himself, so in that sense, it is something positive, but the burden of having someone who instead of being your emotional support is diminishing your achievements, can over time make you lose sight of your goals, so as not to make your partner envious.

4. Asks you to give up your dreams

Constantly asking you to give up your dreams, with any pretext or excuse raises the possibility that the other will stop doing something regardless of the growth of the other person to achieve it. He can present any kind of justification in order to get you to give up, and he is not doing it for your good, on the contrary, he does not want you to advance because that could mean that he loses the control that he now believes he has over the future of the couple.

5. Impose their own dreams on yours

In general, when a person wants to detract from the dreams of their partner, they may try to impose their goals on yours , thus downplaying what you want. When this happens, it is common to notice that the other person when hearing about your goals or dreams, tends to interrupt what you are saying and begins to emphasize his dreams and why they are so important, in some way he tries to point out that what he has achieved or wants to achieve, has more strength and is more important than what you want.

Whatever the reason that leads your partner to belittle your desires and does not allow you to achieve your dreams, you should not waver or become discouraged, perhaps everything can be resolved by showing your dislike for his attitude, he does not have to have the same desires as you However, if it is important that he can trust you, that support is essential for you to achieve any dream.

Dr. Eric Jackson

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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