Motherhood in the current era is a new challenge, due to the speed that the rhythm of life takes, the demands to be a good father have increased at the same rate as our civilization advances, emotional strength is a very useful tool in times present, but what exactly is an emotionally strong person?

What is it to be emotionally strong

The word strong usually has a connotation of power that could be confused with authority. But it is not like that, emotional strength does not speak of the power you have to control others, it speaks of the power to control your emotions regardless of the environmental context that surrounds you, this concept is closely related to emotional maturity.

Emotionally strong people are those who, having gone through a multitude of problems in their lives, have been victorious and have perfected techniques that perhaps without knowing it have added to their personality very important elements in the management of emotional conflicts, with greater ease, these Successes obtained have added security to their performances and increased their self-esteem and self-concept.

Being mothers is a very important role in our lives , it is part of everyone’s life cycle plans and represents a good part of the total time we spend in this world, almost ninety percent of women want to fulfill themselves as mothers, Mothers We are constantly looking for useful information and tools to be more effective parents.

Current psychological studies point to the importance of emotions, their use, control and management for effective parenting.

5 signs of emotionally strong mothers

Emotionally strong mothers easily transmit emotional management tools and, by their example, seek calm atmospheres for the proper growth of children. Its greatest advantage is to offer an example of acting and managing emotional contingencies, while putting them into practice in daily life. There are a number of signs of emotionally strong mothers.

Emotion recognition skills

These types of mothers are capable of recognizing in them and in their children the emotions that may arise at a key moment of parenting, they are capable of reading children’s faces and anticipating reactions long enough to intervene and take action or channel the learning and recognition of them in children. It is these parents who value children’s reactions and encourage self-reflection at all times through the use of examples and questions.

They talk about solutions instead of problems

Their conversations with their children stimulate the generation of solutions to problems instead of focusing on the consequences of them, they do not stop evaluating the losses but they do not stop to emphasize the bad, generate seeds of resilience in their children, they collaborate in that your perspective on the problem is not negative.

They accompany instead of lead

They understand the importance of transmitting individual responsibility, but children do not abandon their problems, their relationship is one of accompaniment and guidance, an emotionally strong parent will be able to resist the intuitive need to help in problems and will allow, stimulate children to find their own roads.

They understand the importance of waiting for the most opportune moments

Emotionally strong mothers know and understand, what times are appropriate for intervention and which, on the contrary, are indicated to withdraw or ignore behaviors. Because the emotional area of ​​the little ones is in full development, there will be moments in which children lose control of their emotions, tantrums and tantrums for example, in those moments it is understood that given the state of activation the most convenient will be to open a waiting compass.

They understand the impermanence of everything

Emotionally strong mothers have developed the ability not to get hooked in any situation, they understand that life is made up of changes, inputs and outputs, this understanding makes it easier to overcome childhood problems without drowning or getting depressed. Hand in hand with positive thinking, they have understood that with the passage of time, situations tend to resolve themselves.

As has been said before, being parents is not an easy task and there are no good or bad parents, parents are creations of our own life, personal experiences and abilities, as we live and learn we will modify our ways of doing things , reading and informing ourselves is an excellent sign that we always want to change things for the positive.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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