There are many uses for natural petroleum jelly, it has more than 40 different uses that can help you both at home, for personal care and beauty, among some other uses that you can find in this product.

Petroleum jelly (commonly known by the brand name Vaseline) has been around since the 1870s and is an FDA approved skin protectant. Widely used in cosmetic skin care. However, some doctors believe that this petroleum-based product is potentially harmful, as it can be difficult for your body to eliminate, sometimes causing the accumulation of toxins in various organs.

In this link you can see how to prepare your own homemade natural Vaseline : Natural Vaseline homemade .

There are many ways to use this versatile substance every day. Here is a list of a few.

Uses of natural petroleum jelly

1.- To soften dry and cracked feet and hands, applying a generous amount of natural petroleum jelly before going to bed, apply and put on cotton socks and / or gloves. In the morning, they will be soft and smooth. On the elbows too.

2.- Apply a layer on the eyelashes before going to bed. Many people claim that this makes their lashes grow longer and thicker over time.

3.- Use it as a mascara / mascara. Apply with your fingers on your lashes. It will give them shine and volume.

4.- Provides a touch of shine on the eyelids. Apply a little under the eyeshadow for a shimmering effect. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, add a touch of dewy shine. Mix with lipstick to make a cream blush.

5.- Extend the life of the perfume by applying a little Vaseline on the points where you spray your perfume, and then spray the perfume on top of it.

6.- Control unruly eyebrows by rubbing a little on your eyebrows to make them settle.

7.- Heals windburned skin. Apply generously to the face or wherever it has been cracked.

8.- Serves as a moisturizer / gloss for the lips. You can make one with a flavor, for example, with chocolate by applying a portion to your natural petroleum jelly when it is liquid, or you can heat a little in a water bath to soften it and you can mix it with the chocolate or with the natural flavor that you like best.

9.- Make a wonderful and cheap scrub. Just mix Vaseline with a little sugar or sea salt and you’re good to go.

10.- It is used to exfoliate your lips as well. Apply a little on your lips and leave it on for a few minutes. Then rub your lips with a toothbrush and clean.

11.- Good as a soothing for shoe blisters. Rub some petroleum jelly on the parts of the shoe that scrape against your foot.

12.- For back pain, heat the petroleum jelly in a water bath until it gets a little hot. Have someone massage your back for a nice warming effect.

13.- To relieve fever, put the Vaseline in the freezer for 5 minutes, then rub it on the forehead.

14.- Relieve shaving by applying a little cold Vaseline (leave in the freezer for 5 minutes) on the legs directly after shaving. A soothing moisturizer that also provides your legs and / or face with a pleasant and healthy glow.

15.- Hide the split ends of the hair, or simply give your hair a little deserved shine. Apply sparingly to the top layer of your hair or use just a little on the ends of your hair to glue the split ends.

16.- If you have squirrels that eat birdseed from your bird feeder, apply a little petroleum jelly to the post that supports it, the squirrels will slip immediately.

17.- For domestic animals that have cracked the pads of the feet. Rub a little on them for a few days.

18.- For dryness in the nose. Dab a little around the cracked area. You have allergy? Dab a little around your nostrils, and use a Q-tip to dab a little inside. This will help prevent pollen and other allergens from getting into your nose.

19.- Add a small amount of Vaseline to your bag or shoes to restore shine again.

20. Use it on bruises, scabs, cuts and other minor injuries to help heal faster. It’s not a disinfectant, so it won’t sting, but it will keep dirt and other things that can cause infection from getting into the cut.

21.- It is used to remove candle wax. Apply it around the edges of the wax and let it sink in for a few seconds. Wipe clean with a paper towel or cloth.

22.- On squeaky hinges and rigid bicycle chains.

23.- To massage dry cuticles.

24.- Massages into the scalp, reduces itching and flaking due to dandruff.

25.- Lubricates earlobes and helps inserting the earring / earring easily and without pain.

26.- The application of petroleum jelly on the teeth before applying the lipstick prevents it from sticking to them.

27.- Prevents the corrosion of the car battery. Before the start of winter, disconnect the terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Reconnect and grease with petroleum jelly. Prevents corrosion and helps keep the battery cranking all winter long.

28.- Remove the gum from the hair. Apply and work into the hair until the rubber band glides on.

29.- Repair of stains, circles and small scratches on wooden furniture. Cover the damage and let it sit for 24 hours, rub the wood, clean the excess, and polish as usual.

30.- Lubricates rollerblade wheels and skateboards

31.- Keeps ants out of pet feeders. Spread a thin layer around the outer sides of the container all the way to the ground. Ants will not cross the Vaseline and your pet can eat or drink in peace.

32.- Avoid splattered paint on windows, metalwork, and floors. Before painting a room, put some petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and apply it to the edges in danger of being stained by paint. Then remove it with a cloth.

33.- Keeps shower curtains running easily. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the curtain tube.

34.- Helps prevent diaper rash. Apply a thin layer to a baby’s clean skin before putting on a diaper.

35.- Prevents outdoor bulbs / bulbs from sticking to your fixture. To make removal easier, rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the threads before inserting the bulbs.

36.- Prevents the refrigerator shelves from sticking. Protect the edges of the shelves with petroleum jelly so the racks slide easily.

37.- Prevent the shampoo from coming into contact with a baby’s eyes. Rub some petroleum jelly over the baby’s eyebrows and the shampoo runs off to the side.

38.- Eliminate foot odor if you don’t have soap and water available. Rub a thin layer on the feet and between the toes. Put your feet in a stationary position and let the petroleum jelly sit for about 15 minutes. Clean with a dry cloth.

39.- Restore leather jackets. Apply, rub, wipe off excess, and you are ready to use.

40.- Protects stored chrome parts. Take some petroleum jelly and apply to the chrome pieces. When it is time to take the parts from the warehouse, they will be rust free.

Finally, what other uses would you or would you give Vaseline? Share your ideas!

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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