Do you find yourself very often that your mornings are very slow? Is it hard for you to start the day with energy? Are you having trouble completing tasks and assignments after waking up? If you identify with these questions, then you should discover these habits to be organized and have more productive days .

Being productive in the morning is often not that easy. The conditions must be correct, you must be aware of what you are doing and make decisions quickly. But how can you do it? Read on to get an idea:

1. Plan your day wisely

Most people mention the importance of having a schedule. But there is no point in designing a program that is not going to work for you. The goal of planning your activities is not just to make a nice work list, but to get on your way reasonably but firmly . Here are some tips to plan your day wisely:

Make a to-do list

Sure, it’s easy to think that you will be able to remember all your to-dos without the need for a list. Still, writing a to-do list is considered one of the best habits for being organized and productive . 

List your to-dos for the day, the week, and even the month if you like to plan your schedule well in advance. This way you won’t feel pressured to remember everything, and you will feel fulfilled when you start to cross items off the list one by one as the day progresses.

Take your energy levels into account

Don’t base your own planning on other people. You know yourself better and you know what your energy levels are like. If you are already very alert when you wake up, then you can schedule your tasks earlier in the day. 

If you are a night person, you may be more forgiving of your time limits for activities. Take all of this into consideration. Remember, your schedule is only for you, not for anyone else!

Set a schedule

Now that you have that to-do list, try setting a schedule with those activities. When all your to-dos have a set schedule that’s easy to follow and an exact deadline, it’s easier to stay on track. 

Allot reasonable times, keep track of your progress, and don’t lose your positive thinking . Highly organized people highly recommend this habit to be organized as a great way to increase your productivity, as it keeps you focused from the start of each day.

Don’t miss important details

When your day is hectic, it is easy to forget some appointments or tasks. Do your best to keep each one in mind. This is why you need a to-do list. So that everything you have to do is well organized and very difficult to forget . If you have no choice but to leave tasks to complete due to time constraints, learn from that mistake and plan things more realistically for the future.

Follow a routine

There is nothing wrong with wanting a little variety in your life. But if you really want to have a productive morning and be organized, turn your schedule into a routine. Do household chores in the same order and basic chores on the same schedule every day. 

Routines are very crucial for productivity and efficiency, and can even help improve cognitive ability . All of this makes having a routine ensure an extremely productive morning.

2. Have a good breakfast every morning

Breakfast is the first and most important meal you will have throughout the day. That is why it is so essential that you start your productive morning with a well-planned breakfast. Here are some ways to make your first meal more complete and satisfying:

Eat plenty of protein

What you have for breakfast will make a big difference in how productive your morning will be. Look at it this way: Your body hasn’t eaten for an extended period of time while you were sleeping, so it needs something that can get the engine going as soon as possible. 

Many people talk about carbohydrates as a breakfast food, but very few really take into account what protein can do for the body. Protein is an essential nutrient that studies have found to have positive effects on brain function. Consider eating breakfast foods like eggs, Greek yogurt, almonds, or cottage cheese.

Prepare your meals in advance

Preparing your breakfast the night before is a great way to save a good amount of time each morning . Your breakfast will be nutritious and will not require you to strain your brain that is still groggy and tired to prepare it. You can also choose to make large batches of breakfast on the weekend, so that morning meals for the entire week are ready to be eaten.

Do something productive during your breakfast

Breakfast is the best time to wake up and wake up, and it’s a great way to start moving forward with the day’s tasks. When you finish eating, you will be ahead! 

However, keep in mind that this suggestion may not work for everyone. If you tend to overeat, get distracted or stressed when doing other activities during breakfast, it would be best not to follow this advice.

3. Learn to be orderly

Of course, the idea is not that everything is in perfect order at all times. But making sure you keep your clutter under control can be very important to your day-to-day productivity. Plus, you can hardly consider yourself organized if your entire home and workspace is a mess! Here are some tips to keep your space in order:

Clean your workspace

Do you want to start each day full of energy and positive thoughts? So make sure your workspace or desk is clean and uncluttered before you begin. Clutter might almost feel comfortable sometimes, but ultimately all it does is trip you up. 

When there is clutter things will become more difficult to find, you will be more likely to stress and it will also be more difficult to get things done without delay. Of course, everyone has different limits on how messy a space can get before it affects them, but according to science, cleanliness and order are critical to productivity.

Solve problems with time

If you want your days to go smoothly, try to keep up the habit of fixing any loose ends left over from previous days. It’s easy to ignore a single slip that fell to the ground, but over time that slip will be two, and three, and then they’ll be all over the place, which will affect your productivity. 

Having one missed call may also not mean much to you, however, when twenty piles up, you will be too overwhelmed to deal with all of them. Learning how to quickly sort and fix these little details when you notice them is key to being organized.

Tidy up important areas before retiring

Before leaving home each morning, take a quick look at the most important spaces in your home. These could be the table where you eat, the kitchen counter where you need to cook, or the shoe rack by the front door where you throw all your pairs of shoes. 

Give everyone a quick look one last time before you go and clean or tidy up what you can before you go out . This will ease your mind as the morning progresses and will also give you a little sense of accomplishment from the start of the day.

It is worth noting that this does not mean that you need to have a perfect environment to be productive. The lesson in this case is to learn to become a more organized person, so you will need to know where certain objects are and feel relaxed in your living and work spaces. Often times, it is necessary to have at least some degree of order to achieve this.

4. Learn to prioritize

Highly organized people don’t confuse productivity with simply getting everything done in the shortest amount of time. The problem with this description is that it takes quality out of the equation.

When you are productive, you perform with high quality and deliver outstanding results, but at a steady pace and, if possible, quickly. This means that sometimes there are tasks that you have to leave behind in favor of what really matters. Here’s how to better prioritize the things you need to do to have a more productive morning:

Decide what things you want to achieve

What are the three things you definitely want to achieve today? What tasks must you complete to feel productive? Once you’ve selected your three most important tasks, schedule your day around them . You can complete them at any time, but you have to. 

When you have to choose between these tasks and other less important ones, always choose the priority ones! You will feel much better about yourself and more satisfied. You will also learn not to worry about the little things.

Respond to important emails and messages as soon as possible

Once you enter your email, focus on getting started by answering the most important emails first, and resist the temptation to start from the top of your inbox chronologically. 

When you’ve answered the most important emails, you’ll feel more relaxed and have more positive thoughts throughout the day. Plus, there’s a much lower risk of forgetting those essential tasks as the day progresses! Highly organized people don’t waste too much time on pointless, spam emails.

Do the most difficult activities first

Think of the three “worst” things you have to do today and do them first. It is up to you to define what the “worst” implies. Are the tasks that are most problematic for you? The ones that seem the most boring to you? The tasks that take up the most time? A variety of all of the above? 

Spend the morning solving these “worst” tasks and you will feel much more fulfilled afterwards and therefore more motivated to do the easier jobs for the rest of the day!

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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