In small apartments in the city, the balcony may be the only place outside where you can enjoy some fresh, natural air . Thanks to this place you can enjoy the outside and allow you to relax in the sun without leaving the apartment.

The ideas to decorate your small balcony are endless.

To design your balcony, there are easy ways to do it using and playing with bright textiles, for example, you can use blankets, rugs or rugs or even curtains, add some accessories such as lamps, large colored floor cushions, etc. Don’t forget about greenery – potted plants, succulents, cacti, or your favorite flowers. Feel free to put your favorite things and accessories here perhaps using an eclectic or bohemian style , so mixing several pieces is a good idea.

Here we offer you some simple examples of decoration so that you can get your own ideas according to your space.

A nice balcony with a table to make your breakfasts an idea in the open air, to sunbathe with your best guests: plants.

A beautiful balcony exclusively for plants, a place to retreat to oxygenate lung especially.

Wicker furniture and rugs will always give a natural and cozy touch to your balcony.

Don’t have chairs? It does not matter, on the floor you can also, place some cushions, rugs, and put a blanket around the railing, and it will be the perfect balcony for that special occasion. As you can see, you can play with the decoration as many times as you want.

If your space is neutral, bring it to life with a colorful balcony, go to the corner garage sale or the market and see what things you can find in bright colors and don’t be afraid to include them in your new balcony.

The trunk, two cushions, the old washed mat, and the old bamboo blinds that you no longer use, can be the beginning of an unforgettable balcony. Always consider recycling.

Consider a vine on your balcony, that gives it elegance and if you don’t have a lot to add to it, the falls of the vine and its flowers will do all the decorative work.

A balcony as a meeting point with friends, there you can organize whatever you want, from a work meeting, crafts , talks and parties; the curtains are key to making this balcony, your space accomplice of everything.

This is a balcony where you can spend time with your young children, everything can fit, even a work table to keep the kids entertained while you get some fresh air.

Green always gives more life to the space: consider some aromatic and other decorative plants to offer you, in addition to oxygen, an exquisite aroma to your interior.

This example of a vertical pot holder, gives you the possibility to put more green on your balcony: do not forget that with a little imagination, you can make a small balcony, something exceptional, considering decorative elements such as wood, stone, flowerpots, rugs , etc.

Your balcony can definitely be a permaculture garden; nothing more functional than a garden where you can produce your own food, and if it is made of aromatic plants, congratulations, for the good taste and initiative!

Don’t hesitate to take into account your grandmother’s used furniture, or your mother’s, you can take advantage of those chairs, tables, flowerpots, and many other things that you thought were already useless, with a retouch you can have that second chance to continue looking good, you also save money.

Look in the markets for low-cost pots, buy equal pieces and hang them from your railing, they will surely give a different touch to your view; And if you thought there was no room for roasts, surely a small grill can fit on your little balcony and help give your dinner another definite value.

The perfect balcony for a quiet, bohemian night; lights are definitely a decorative element that defines its purpose very well.

Who said that this elongated to reduced space could not have a decorative solution? The reeds in the wall are very well achieved to give a natural feel to the space, becoming a tropical point in the middle of the city.

For more details see the image below.

From the inside, this beautiful and simple balcony is decked out with these beautiful satin curtains; a small balcony that emerges from the inside with this small round chair and coffee table.

The pistachio color is a color that adds a cheerful touch to any space, generates a feeling of health and freshness, very good for making your small balcony a warm and fresh place at the same time.

This small space very well simulates a garden with natural grass, adding more color to your space. Feel free to include artificial grass on your balcony, they are generally easy to maintain.

The saying goes around: “everything fits in a jar, knowing how to accommodate it”, and this example projects it very well, even a toilet with a sink can be included inside your small balcony, so it is more practical to water and clean your beautiful plants.

Wicker baskets look very decorative and chic in your small space, besides being functional, they go perfectly well with any style.

The rugs play an important role in the decoration of your balcony, be sure to find the appropriate one for the total set, be it textile or in fact made of natural fibers, it can go well.

A beautiful balcony where you can rest in the light of day with the necessary elements, a flowerpot there, a small colorful rug there and some good benches with the perfect and comfortable cushions, complete it to perfection.

This is a nice balcony in the city, from where contemplatives can appreciate everyday life. In this case, a metal garden set was chosen that complements the railing and other elements.

Nice table for breakfast contemplating the warmth of the morning and the sound of the birds.

Balcony with plants and wooden floor in the best style, to fill the space with life and color.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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