Choosing the name that your baby will wear is not usually an easy task for most parents, every year you can see trends in girl names that range from the most popular to the slightly more original names, so we will try to summarize it in these 25 names most valued by women.

How to choose a name for my daughter?

To carry out this choice, we must first consider that the name is something that will define the little girl, both in her social sphere and among her acquaintances. For this reason we must take into account if the original name, which we like so much, is not a name that could harm her tomorrow, on the other hand, we must be clear about its meaning and how it can reflect what your daughter is and will be.

Questions to ask yourself before the election

Other questions to ask yourself before selecting the right name for your girl:

  1. Do both parents agree on this name? If not, it is a good idea to choose one that you both like.
  2. Why do you want to call it that? being clear about the true reason is essential for it to be a suitable name for the girl.
  3. How is the pronunciation of the name? Is it easy to remember and pronounce?
  4. Won’t it embarrass the girl once she’s older? Is it modern enough or does it suit the era very well?

The most recommended girl names by users

Users of some internet sites have left their vote in a series of names created in a list by themselves, to highlight the most popular and original of the year 2016. Below you can find out the names of the girls that were most chosen .

1. Sara (princess)

Sara, undoubtedly is considered the most fashionable name this 2016, reflects femininity and elegance, its meaning is “princess” and is of Hebrew origin. First on the list for its great acceptance.

2. Mine (the chosen one)

The name Mia is of Hebrew origin, whose meaning is translated as “the chosen woman” or “The chosen one of God.” Some feminine characteristics are attributed to this name, such as the ease of showing emotions, being calm and consistent. It is a more modern adaptation of the name Maria.

3. Maia (mother)

The meaning of the name Maia, is “mother” or “creator”, is of Greek origin and is a very original name in turn a trend for 2016. It describes a woman with impetus and courage, in turn it can define very well to a girl with an international air, as it is not a common name and easy to find, but its pronunciation looks very elegant.

4. Emily (prosperity)

The name Emily means “working woman” used to ensure prosperity in the family is a very beautiful name. The sound is romantic and sweet, ideal for a girl born in 2016.

5. Alexa (protector)

This name for a girl is very elegant and feminine, of Greek origin, the name Alexa symbolizes the protective woman, also its meaning refers to a sweet and loving woman with others. It is being used a lot this year and has been one of the most voted by users.

6. Luna (woman who shines)

The name Luna comes from Latin, and has a very special meaning since it names the woman who is a light in the path of others. It sounds very feminine and warm, and it is becoming a trend in names chosen for girls born in 2016.

7. Brianna (colina)

Brianna is an ideal name for a girl, with a Celtic origin, it gives her a more mythological meaning, as a noble person and who does not decay. With an Irish origin, it is being widely used in America, and Europe.

8. April (spring sun)

The name Abril is of Latin origin and has several meanings, the best known is “spring sun” and “clarity of the sun” also has an English version which is “April”. It is a very feminine name and evokes the simplicity and warmth of the day.

9. Paula (interesting)

The name Paula has a meaning that seems to be negative, since it alludes to the small and fragile, but this is because it describes a woman with many feelings and delicacy. With Latin origin, it is a name that does not go out of style, and it makes a difference, without a doubt one of the most beautiful for a girl.

10. Ainhoa ​​(lucid woman)

Ainhoa ​​is a very original name that is not widely used in America, being of Basque origin in honor of the virgin Ainhoa, it means awake and lucid woman.

11. Laila (beautiful)

Laila a name for girls born in 2016 with great meaning, of Arabic origin, it is not very common, however it is a name that has won points on the voting list for its pronunciation and meaning: Be creative and with a tendency to art.

12. Dawn (dawn)

A beautiful name for a girl, Alba means renewal and rebirth, purity and life force. It sounds very feminine and is of Latin origin. Ideal for a sweet and tender girl.

13. Amira (princess)

Of Arab origin, the name Amira evokes tenderness and cry. Its meaning is queen and princess, this name is being a trend for girls who were born in 2016.

14. Ana (compassionate)

Ana is a name for a girl that has not gone out of style, and is being very popular. It means gracious and compassionate woman. Of Hebrew origin, Ana is a very feminine name that adapts very well to our time.

15. Martina (warrior)

The name Martina is very fashionable, and it sounds very feminine too, it has a very deep meaning, since it evokes strength and battle as its natural origin to face any situation. A Latin name that you should keep in mind.

16. Soul (big heart)

Alma is a name of Latin origin with great meaning, it speaks of a woman with a big heart, who is always at her center.

17. Zoe (vida)

A name of Greek origin that means “life”, has a similar meaning to the name Eva, and both sound very feminine.

18. Aylin (Clarity)

The name Aylin is of Mapuche origin and sounds very feminine, it has a meaning that can be translated into transparency or clarity. A beautiful name that despite being used by ancestral cultures, is being used a lot in 2016.

19. Brenda (fighter)

Brenda is a name of German origin that means strength and struggle. A very popular name in 2016 and very feminine.

20. Danna (conscious woman)

Danna is a name of biblical origin and means, the woman with the capacity to put order, is characterized by being very conscious and very calm. A name to give your girl that is very fashionable and very original.

21. Sofia (wise)

Sofia is a name that means wise or wise woman, with a Greek origin it is a very feminine name that is being used a lot this year.

22. Eva (life)

Eva is a very feminine name that means “the woman who gives life”. A biblical name of Hebrew origin that is a trend among the most chosen names in 2016.

23. Olivia (protector)

The name Olivia is of Latin origin and means the “protective woman of peace.” A very feminine and popular name that is setting trends.

24. Zelda (fighter)

Zelda is a very rare and beautiful name of German origin, it means the fighting woman. A name that has been gaining popularity in Latin American countries and in Spain.

25. Tiziana (defensora)

Tiziana is a girl’s name that means (protective woman) Originally from Latin, it is a very feminine and original name, ideal to consider due to its originality and charm.

These are some of the girl’s names that have been liked the most and have great acceptance, ideal to take into account if you are still undecided. You can leave us in the comments which one you think we should add to the list.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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