Honey has been used in food for at least 6,000 years, primarily as a sweet source for much of the world’s population. The first written reference to honey, found in inscriptions made on a Sumerian tablet dating from 2100-2000 BC, mentions the use of honey as medicine and ointment. However, there has been not only one type of honey, but several dozen.

You can find out below the healing benefits of each of these 20 types of honey and what are their contributions to improve the quality of our health.

Bees give us the most precious and widely used natural remedy which is honey and all its healing benefits. Practically, honey can be found in almost every home.

Although it is commonly used as a sweetener for tea, honey is a very effective remedy, and is used both orally and topically. Experts agree that honey is also an effective cosmetic agent.

20 types of honey and their benefits

There are many types of honey, and each of them has different healing properties. It is a biocatalyst and helps in the digestion of food. Of course, this applies only to real , organic honey , not those fake types that unfortunately can often be found on the market. Organic natural honey can be of great use in treating many diseases.

1. Linden Honey

Linden honey is clear, almost transparent and its flavor is sweet. It relieves respiratory problems and is especially effective in treating colds and flu.

Promotes sweating, positively affects digestion, relieves spasms, and relieves pain. It is useful for kidney problems, as it stimulates the excretion of toxins from the body.

People with poor heart function should not use linden honey . Special recommendation: if you suffer from asthma, eat a teaspoon of grated horseradish and linden honey.

2. Floral honey

Floral or meadow honey is obtained from different types of flowers, depending on the area. It has a sweet and aromatic flavor.

Due to its special nutritional content, it is especially effective in enhancing immunity and recovery. Floral honey gives great results in the treatment of seasonal allergies and allergic asthma.

In cases of allergic asthma, use flower honey from your environment, as it contains pollen from all kinds of flowers that cause potential allergies. Take a tablespoon of honey every day for a year to recover and fight allergies.

3. Acacia honey

Acacia honey is characterized by extremely light color and sweet taste . This type of honey is accepted by most of the people because its taste practically does not dominate the taste of their drinks. It is an excellent choice for young children, but be warned, it is not recommended for children under the age of 1. Acacia honey is ideal for remedial treatments.

It is also used in the treatment of poor circulation and constipation. It helps in cases of insomnia, anxiety and tension, due to its sedative properties.

Drink a cup of lemon balm tea and add a teaspoon of acacia honey for better sleep. Smokers should eat a tablespoon of acacia honey right after waking up.

4. Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is the darkest of all the types and has a strong, spicy flavor. It is rich in minerals and antioxidants, and therefore it is one of the healthiest types of honey.

It is effective in treating anemia, and it works very well in cases of persistent cough. To relieve coughs in children, give them a small teaspoon of buckwheat honey before going to bed.

5. Sage honey

Sage honey is generally yellow or greenish in color . Fine to slightly bitter taste. It has a relaxing effect and improves mood.

Add it to home remedies for gout for best results. It is powerful in treating respiratory problems, especially coughs, and it also strengthens the immune system.

6. Chestnut honey

It is one of the most healing types of honey, due to its strong antibiotic effect. It is used in the treatment of almost all diseases and inflammations.

It works for ulcers, jaundice, urinary tract infections, poor circulation and weakened heart muscle. Stimulates the digestion of food. Take a tablespoon of chestnut honey just before going to bed to relieve constipation.

Use it to improve your oral health – it cleans your teeth better than your regular toothpaste. Smokers’ bodies are burdened by toxic build-ups and they often struggle with a persistent cough, which is why health experts recommend eating a tablespoon of chestnut honey in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

7. Jerusalem Thorn Honey

It is a high quality yellow colored honey and it is very difficult to make such a fake version. It crystallizes quickly and has a delicate flavor. Reduce bad cholesterol. It strengthens the immune system, relieves respiratory problems, and is also used to prevent and treat malignant diseases.

This honey can be used in the treatment of impotence – eat 30 g of honey in the morning and before going to bed, and eat an additional 40 grams of honey throughout the day.

8. Mountain honey

It is greatly appreciated for its medicinal properties. It is obtained from uncontaminated mountain herbs and is very popular due to its healing content.

Mountain honey has strong antimicrobial properties , even when diluted 1: 150. It is used to boost immunity, treat respiratory problems – relieve coughs, sore throats and sinuses.

In folk medicine, mountain honey is used to disinfect skin infections and wounds. Helps in the treatment of gynecological inflammation caused by viruses and bacteria. Take a tablespoon of honey once a day.

To strengthen your body, drink a cup of warm almond milk sweetened with a little mountain honey at least half an hour before breakfast.

9. Lavender honey

Lavender honey has an intense flavor and aroma , and you can find both dark and bright types. It is one of the most healing types with strong properties – it stimulates the use of calcium and iron from food.

It is especially recommended for pregnant women and people struggling with calcium deficiency, problems with teeth and bones, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, allergy to the sun, etc.

Stimulates digestion, cleanses the lungs, and relieves coughs. People prone to pollen allergy should consume lavender honey on a daily basis.

10. Hawthorn honey

Hawthorn honey is brown in color and spicy in taste . It is recommended for patients with poor heart function, as it regulates blood pressure, helps in cases of arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, damaged heart muscle and myocarditis.

It is widely used for its calming effect. To lower the cholesterol level, make a paste based on hawthorn honey and cinnamon powder. Spread on a slice of bread instead of jam and eat for breakfast.

11. Evodia Honey (Bee tree)

This honey is widely used in the United States. It is similar to acacia honey, but has a specific fruity taste and does not crystallize.

Evodia Honey has high nutritional value and is especially beneficial for people with high blood pressure. To treat high blood pressure, eat equal parts of honey and walnuts (100 grams) for 45 days.

12. Calluna honey (heather)

Heather honey is dark yellow in color. It has a pleasant taste and children love it . It is effective in treating rheumatism and problems with the urinary tract and kidneys. Help in cases of respiratory disorders.

If you are a smoker, be sure to use the benefits of heather honey. Combine it with heather tea to remove mucus from the airways.

13. Amorphous Honey (false-indigo bush)

Amorphous honey is red in color, and has a mild taste and flavor. Take it to treat fatigue and boost your energy at the end of a stressful day.

It is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals . After a busy and stressful day, relax and regain lost energy with a teaspoon of honey. You can add it to a cup of tea or milk.

14. Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey has a specific yellow color, taste and smell. It is one of the most popular types of honey, but it crystallizes quickly.

It is used for problems related to the respiratory tract (throat and paranasal sinuses) and is effective in treating diseases of the digestive system, lung and kidney. It is used as a natural remedy for all types of inflammation. Sunflower honey accelerates wound healing.

Use it if you have heart problems, and it is especially recommended for older people who need extra rest and energy, as well as children.

15. Dandelion Honey

Dandelion honey has an intense yellow color and flavor, and it crystallizes quickly . Relieves the effects of liver disease (cirrhosis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis) and gastric diseases.

Helps in cases of gastritis , colitis and constipation . To treat these problems, add a tablespoon of dandelion honey to a glass of mineral / natural water.

16. Rosemary honey

Rosemary honey is light yellow in color and has a strong flavor. It has a beneficial effect in the treatment of vascular diseases , as it improves blood circulation.
Improves liver function and bile secretion naturally. Efficient in cases of poor digestion, rheumatism, gout and high blood pressure.

17. Rape honey

Rape honey is light yellow in color and contains a large number of flower pollen . It crystallizes right after extraction, which makes it easier to distinguish it from fake honey. It cleanses the liver and regulates the level of fatty acids in the body.

18. Goldenrod honey

Goldenrod honey is golden yellow to dark yellow in color. It has an exceptional flavor and aroma.

It is used as a diuretic, as it stimulates the secretion of fluids and toxins from the body. It is effective in cases of nervous disorders, stress and anxiety.

19. Forest honey (Honey dew)

Honey dew or forest honey is highly valued. It is super delicious and dark . It crystallizes quickly. It is above all specific to its origin – it is obtained from molasses that is produced in certain climatic conditions. It is a strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent.

It is full of iron, which is why nutritionists recommend it especially for anemic people and those recovering after a serious illness or surgery. It is rich in minerals and low in sugar, which is why diabetics and athletes are often recommended to consume it.

Pregnant women can take during pregnancy. This type of honey is especially effective in treating pneumonia: add a tablespoon of forest honey (fir or pine) to 1/3 of a liter of herbal tea and drink three times a day before meals.

20. Manuka honey

This type of honey is literally the icing on the cake. The Manuka honey comes from the Manuka tree flowers, evergreen that grows only in New Zealand. It is considered to be the healthiest type of honey in the world.

It has stable, powerful and unique antibacterial properties, which are not present in any other type. It helps in the fight against the most resistant bacteria such as MRSA, as shown by many consumers around the world, who, thanks to manuka honey, have avoided the amputation of limbs.

It is effective in treating many diseases and boosts immunity. Take a tablespoon of manuka honey every hour to treat acute inflammations.

Fun facts about honey

Honey is the only food that does not spoil. This is due to its low moisture content. Bacteria cannot survive in a medium with such high osmotic pressure. But honey harvested before ripening has a higher moisture content and can be vulnerable to spoilage.

Honey is hygroscopic and absorbs water from the atmosphere if not stored in a well-sealed container. This food can be unifloral (of a single type of flower) or multifloral (multiple species of flowers); the biochemical profiles of both classes vary accordingly.

Uses of different types of honey

  • The recommended daily intake of honey for adults is 60 to 100 grams, divided into three equal parts (in the morning, during the day and before bed).
  • The recommended daily intake of honey for children under 10 is 30 grams, also divided into three parts.
  • It is recommended to dissolve honey in your mouth before swallowing it.
  • When adding honey to hot drinks, make sure the liquid is not hotter than 40 degrees Celsius, otherwise it may lose its healing properties.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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