Have you thought about selling something without having to invest a lot? The following are some good ideas to start your own business and by the way offer you a great creative therapy, they are ideas to recycle that can give you money .

We all have many old or waste articles that are formed by products that we have already given a utility, it is the typical garbage that we throw away unsorted, or we leave stored to later find a new use for it. But many times, not knowing what to use them for, they finally end up in the garbage can because it fills our houses or garages, looking bad and collecting dust and bugs.

You feel liberated from having thrown away all that accumulation, but at the same time you don’t feel satisfied that you have done something more productive about it.

Ideas to recycle and make extra money

Before you start cleaning your house, we want to show you 20 ideas to recycle that can give you money, they are incredibly creative ideas for you to do yourself projects that can change the intention of throwing them and to give them a new purpose by recycling them.

wadis another use an old glove; turn toilet paper rolls into beautiful flower wall art; to the plastic bottle in a beautiful flowerpot; Some old tires on nice garden seats . It all depends on your imagination and creativity. Be part of a world without garbage or rather a world where waste can be part of a paradigm of utility.

Crafts with recycled materials

Here we have a sample of one of the ideas for recycling that can make very beautiful pieces of jewelry . This work made simply with only insurance / safety pins, thread and beads, you can make a bracelet in a two-by-three, without the need for glue, wire or other things. This is an example of great creativity since the degree of difficulty is also not high at all. You can start now by doing experiments and offering them for sale.

Cup with recycled Pet bottles

This is one of the most used ideas for recycling. It is about the use of PET bottles . In this case it is reused as a vase / glass vase. It is not a science at all to do it, just cut the bottle – leaving the cap on – to the size you want to form the cup, then if you wish, shape the rim, wavy or non-sharp peaks, you can leave it normal also.

CDs will also be reused in this creative invention, which will form the base to hold this beautiful vase or container to plant edible herbs. At the end of everything, you can paint them in colors, decorating them to your liking. You can offer them for parties, weddings, XV years, bridal showers, baby showers, or simply to sell at the local artisan market. Unleash your creativity.

An armchair recycling tires

This is one of the best recycling ideas of all, since something that really causes a lot of environmental pollution is being given a very good use. There are so many tires in the world that are discarded daily that giving them a functional use is worthy of a prize. Here we see how these tires were used as little benches to sit on . A beautiful fabric was made in the center, and wooden legs were placed. Do your math and try this wonderful recycling idea.

A lamp with recycled materials

There are many ideas to recycle, it is a matter of looking at the garbage that you dispose of daily and see what can be useful. You will be surprised to see that literally anything can be done. This is an example of a lamp that was made from non-organic waste . In this case tuna cans were used. The image shows the elements that are involved in this idea and that you can easily have them at your fingertips. The result, more than beautiful. It takes less than a day to make a large quantity that you may already be offering as a sales idea.

Decorative furniture with a recycled bicycle

A simple unused bicycle can make for beautiful accent furniture for your space . Instead of leaving them to rust by dumping them in some wasteland, see in this picture just three examples of everything that can be done with an unused bicycle. You will be surprised to see that when finished, everyone will want to have one. That is when you can already think that your business is starting.

Decoration objects with plastic spoons

Ideas to recycle leftover, And you never imagined this other jewelry idea with recycled elements that can be a work of art. This is a charm that is made with plastic spoons. Cut them and as the image shows, just pass a little fire on the edges of it and you will see what is formed. Later decorate them by painting them in the color that you like the most. It is the perfect example of what can be achieved with just an innovative idea and put it into practice. It costs nothing and it can bring you interesting profits if you do wholesale to sell.

A woven lamp

This idea is simple. You will only use a balloon and an embroidered fabric. It involves inflating the balloon and gluing the fabric using white glue diluted with water. Leave dry and once dry, you should burst the balloon. After that you have to place it on a spotlight and hang it up. Result: a cute woven globe lamp that will give your space a bohemian touch. What are you waiting for! start your business!

Hanging Pots with Pet Bottles

One more example of the ideas for recycling that a simple plastic bottle brings . Here we see another example of a pot container. This time the bottom of the pot has been used and the rest will be shaped like a cat face. Just leave two protrusions that will form the ears, not being too pointed, paint to your liking and plant your little plants. This idea is perfect as a gift pack at parties and gatherings. Get your ideas, it can be kittens, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, there are many ways you can already be working for your self-sufficiency.

Centerpiece with recycled pots

Two pots , soil, sand, candle, and a piece of glass for an oil lamp, some little plants to decorate and that’s it. This idea is beautiful for a party centerpiece. Get your account and start making them part of your sales repertoire.

A seat with recycled tire

Another great idea that can be made by recycling used tires. It doesn’t have a lot of science, just gather the necessary elements, do tests and start considering that it may be an idea to bring you more income.

Various crafts with recycled materials

To make this beautiful ornament that you can place in the space that you like the most, you only need imagination, since you can easily do it with an endless number of objects ready to be reused or recycled and that have a circular shape. They can be from bottle corks, cd’s, buttons, bottle caps, caps, rings, and everything you see round.

You will be surprised to see the marvel of art you can make with these ready-to-use objects that most of the time you will not need to modify. Just add some accessories, paint, wire, stones and more, and you will put the finishing touches on a very profitable decorative product that you can sell or give away.

A different brush

Recycling the discarded part of the lettuce may not only be that you replant it to hope that it continues to sprout , but it may be that you use it as a stamp to make your own invitations. The picture shows the step by step. It is simple and does not require many instruments, so it can be profitable and it can be giving you money in less than you think.

Decorative frames with cardboard rolls

You never imagined that the cardboard tubes of the toilet roll could be part of the most beautiful recycling ideas that exist. Well, as you can see, in this image you can not only do these examples but many more. The cardboard tube is really versatile to use in many more ideas, it is just a matter of unleashing your creativity. You can frame these works and put them as decorative pictures, you can make them in various sizes, shapes and colors. Go thinking about the costs of material and sale, it can be a great idea that can give you money.

A vase with dry leaves

You never imagined that dried autumn flowers could be part of a beautiful vase. This image says it all, just try to put a little lacquer afterwards to keep the leaves firmer once these flowers are made. Perfect this vase for centerpieces for parties and celebrations. What do you need to do? Just go out into the forest to get your raw material.

A collects bird food

Here you may be thinking about what will be recycled, if the crumbs or the wood. Well, for your next business, the wood indeed, which will only be a board that is no longer used and that you will have to sand and varnish, make some holes, and adapt a funnel with a tube that leads directly to the bird container that will contain the crumbs. The bird will benefit from the crumbs that might have been garbage, but are now still food.

Clouds with recycled cardboard

Have you ever wondered what to do with the cardboard that you have left over from your children’s school work? Here you have an idea to recycle it that is novel and cute to decorate children’s rooms. What do you need? Just shape your cardboard and adapt all the other artifacts that will complete your cloud. It is not difficult to imagine. Do your tests and once errors have been corrected, start your sales plans. This is one of the newest recycling ideas that can make you money if you put in a little effort.

Decorative pots

Again the tuna cans can be the center of a novel idea to recycle. This time using clothespins that you can later paint or varnish. This is the trick of this novel example to recycle tuna cans and that makes it look very beautiful. It can serve as a flowerpot or candle holder for centerpieces at parties and celebrations. It is not difficult to execute and can be part of the catalog of creative ideas to offer to your clients.

Recycling light bulbs

Those bulbs that have burned out have a new use. This is just one of the ideas in which you can reuse this bulb, just remove the top of the bulb, remove its interior and add water, some plants and adapt it to a base with wire. It cannot be easier. Offer it as a gift set on secretarial day, bachelorette parties, and other celebrations.

A small portable heater with recycled cans

Another way to use food cans of different sizes is by making survival gadgets . Excellent idea to do on purpose or to improvise while on an adventure in the mountains. It is a lighter to heat your food. Completely useful tool to take with you on your trips with a backpack and that is practical to use.

Butterfly crafts with aluminum cans

This is one of the most beautiful but laborious recycling ideas since you will have to cut tin foil. This image shows you the step by step, just get your cans, your special scissors and your oil colors to decorate this idea of ​​butterflies that apart from being great is beautiful. Excellent as a decorative item.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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