Creativity is the power to create , when we say “power” it is because it really is, a tool through which we obtain multiple benefits in our life, the concept of creativity has always been associated with the artistic world , creations pictorial or creative architectures, however creativity refers to a different and divergent type of thinking, it is the ability to think in solutions and different ways from the existing world.

Ways creativity improves your life

The creative process is always based on the birth of an abstract idea and that can take its inspiration from already existing situations, things or objects, creativity is generated from a need, either its own or environmental.

Thus, creativity refers to a transformation process by means of which it is played until the birth of something is achieved . It is imagining and projecting something different with known elements, it is an abstract ability of thought.

Benefits of creativity

That is why we all without distinction, have our dose of creativity, although there are people who have greater creative abilities, all without exception have created unique things at some time, whether they are ideas or our own reflections, useful objects or utilities in already known objects.

For example, making bracelets , weaving, painting or singing can be true creative therapies that will help you overcome many problems related to stress, anxiety and even depression. Here are 10 ways creativity improves your life .

You can save or economize

Creativity allows you to see the possible solutions with the present elements without having to spend large sums to solve the problems, you can create thousands of possible uses with a single object, thus enhancing its usefulness and always earning money.

Build self esteem

By finding your creative capacity, that is, your creativity , to solve problems and be successful, you will reinforce your self-esteem , in this way you will grow as a person and increase your ability to trust yourself.

Increase self-awareness

you will get in touch with yourself in the commitment to create, with your observations and reflections you learn the value of your ideas.

Helps to get out of the routine

The routine progressively kills the happiness of living, undertaking creative projects generates in you a spark of motivation, breaks chains and habits that add us to it

Ability to adapt to the environment and modify it

Being creative allows us the plasticity of living fully with what we find in our environment, in addition to facilitating the modifications that we must make to feel more comfortable within it.

Well-being and quality of life

The needs will decrease, because thanks to our new way of seeing things, we will find what we have never seen before, this will increase our feeling of well-being.

Encourage integrity

Creative people follow the guidelines set by their own morality, they never transgress themselves, so any solution or creation will always have the ability to promote your own integrity.

Improve the standard of living

More than one successful business was born from an authentic creative idea, it is possible that the solution to so many economic problems is behind your creative thinking .

Works as a therapeutic tool

Creating and inventing all the time keeps negative thoughts away, actively thinking creatively keeps you away from problems like depression and stress.

You will feel useful

One of the greatest benefits that creativity can have in your life is the final result and what that result generates in you, creating to solve, or to replace or simply for a change, will make you feel useful in your life and the lives of all those that they benefit from your creations.

The creativity is a magical tool that applied to our daily lives gives us substantial improvements in our quality of life, it then venture to make way for our creativity.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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