A home full of life can be achieved with just a few movements, and what better than nature itself to give life to your house, know how to choose the ones that can best accommodate your space and also, can help you detoxify the spaces.

After months looking at real estate offers and many visits, you have finally found the house you were looking for. This deserves an award! So here we offer you practical solutions to give life to the home and turn it into a place with its own soul and personality.

Natural light for the home

Do not forget the importance of natural light. It is one of the elements that will bring more life to the home, making it more welcoming and helping the rooms to be more comfortable. Do not fill the house with curtains and use fabrics that allow sunlight to pass through . Since it directly affects the proper functioning of the endocrine, nervous and immune systems.

The absence of sunlight produces apathy , mood swings, poor performance and poor concentration. Eliminate general discomfort and fatigue by arriving in a home filled with natural light .

Spice up your home with plants

Fill your home with life thanks to the plants. Plants add color . An unmistakable green that conveys freshness and raises your spirits. But they also help create a feeling of relaxation by helping to reduce your stress levels.

In addition, indoor plants have the ability to purify the environment and reduce the temperature since they cool in summer and produce heat in winter. As if all this were not enough, taking care of a plant will improve your self-esteem due to the feeling of satisfaction of seeing them grow thanks to the perseverance of your daily work taking care of them.

Practical solutions with woods

Fill the hearth with wood. There cannot be a more natural element for the home like wood . The smell of a wooden furniture , its color, its texture, will provide an unequaled feeling of well-being.

An affordable option to give a different touch to a home room is to recycle old furniture by applying a pastel paint , wallpapering your drawers and changing the knobs for more modern ones. Wood takes us back to times past, and you can easily combine it with more modern styles.

Painting the walls

The color of the walls is another essential element to consider. White will help increase luminosity as it will reflect sunlight and visually expand the room. It will be the ideal color to enhance other colors such as lime green. By opting for white for the home we bring freshness, calm and a feeling of cleanliness. Blue is a cold color that will bring tranquility and red or orange can become excessive for a room because they are very vibrant colors.

Sofas and armchairs

Accessories. Sofas or an armchair with comfortable cushions will create a warmer atmosphere, helping guests to feel more at ease. Use rugs with soft, soft fabrics that allow you to go barefoot or in socks.

They will also serve as an element to isolate noise. Cushions and rugs can radically change the decoration or style of a room, being an easy and affordable solution to add a note of color or highlight environments.

Use of vinyls

Vinyls They allow you to completely change the look of the kitchen and give it a renewed air without having to move any furniture. They are designed for household appliances, with the advantage that if you get tired of them you can remove them without problems. And don’t worry because they won’t damage the surface.

Pint tiles

INTAR tiles . Starting to make a reform at home supposes, in addition to a great economic expense, a real disorder for all the tenants of the house. Do you dare to give it a little change? Painting the kitchen and bathroom tiles will get these rooms modernized in a fast and really affordable way. There is already a wide variety of shades on the market.

More practical solutions for the home

Highlight a wall with wallpaper. The current wallpapers have nothing to do with those that were in our grandparents’ house. The paper will bring a feeling of comfort and warmth to your walls, making the spaces more welcoming and personal. They are washable and it is no longer necessary that you have to waste time preparing the wallpaper glue because they already sell it ready-made.

There is special wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens that resists humidity, others imitate materials such as bamboo or wood.

Simulate wallpaper with a roller. If you still do not dare to take that important step as wallpapering the walls, you can choose to do a test with the rollers that simulate wallpaper. They are called rollers to create patterns and you just have to apply the roller from the top to the bottom of the wall. And if you like the result a lot, you can also use it on other types of supports such as furniture or fabrics.

Chalkboard paint for the little ones. Children fill homes with life and bring incomparable joy. Children need to get dirty and create with their hands to learn. Why not give them a space to expand their creativity and let those geniuses within them come out?

They are water-based paints for painting, drawing and writing with chalk on walls or boards. It is easy to erase because the traces of chalk can be removed with a cloth. And do not think about filling the walls of the children with black school slate, because there are them in blue, pink, mauve, turquoise, green, among others.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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