Eyeliner turns out to be one of the most important cosmetics when it comes to beautifying a woman’s face. Its use combines perfectly with all makeup styles and can provide a spectacular face in a short time.

In addition to achieving perfect eyebrows and eyelashes with the specific care for it, when it comes to highlighting the eye in makeup, delineating our eyes is essential to give it a deeper and more enmatic accent. But it is not always possible to do it correctly, for this reason it is necessary to know the mistakes that you should avoid when delineating the eyes . Not falling for them means being able to wear a more attractive and seductive look.

Errors when lining the eyes

The common mistakes that are usually made when using eyeliner can cause it to not be possible to highlight the look or be able to integrate makeup, so it is necessary to know what to avoid and what is the proper way to use these eyeliners.

Use eyeliner with harmful and infected chemicals

First of all you should think about the health of your eyes . Protecting them is the most important thing in this whole beauty ritual, because beauty also means health. And that is why you must first get natural, healthy and friendly beauty products with your body, ecological and that do not contain chemicals that damage and irritate your eyes, that is essential since many beauty products currently only manage to spoil our body , and in this case, there may be disastrous results instead of pleasant ones. Redness in the reds , puffy eyes, infections, conjunctivitis, and more, are consequences of using the wrong eyeliner. Also, do not use other people’s eyeliners that may be infected with bacteria that can later pass into your eyes.

Place a large amount on the lower eyelid

When an excessive amount of eyeliner is used on the lower eyelid it can make the eyes appear smaller than they actually are. When using this method, you are likely to end up with black spots under your eyes, and ultimately make your face look bad. In this case, the correct thing to do is to use a subtle colored pencil such as brown or brown to avoid the black color.

Form a circle with the eyeliner

This mistake is made by most women and is very common. When a full circle of eyeliner is formed around the eyes without making any cut on the drawn line, they can cause the eyes to appear small, shapeless and give the wrong impression of wearing glasses .


Balancing the eyelids

It is wrong to make the lower eyelid liner thicker than the upper one . Using this bad technique to line the eyes creates a negative appearance on a woman’s face. The correct thing is that the upper eyelid is subtly stronger, in this way you can balance the look and make both eyes look larger .

Change the makeup order

Applying makeup in a different order is another mistake to avoid. Applying the eyeliner first will likely put the rest of the makeup on properly, but using the eyeshadow and mascara first can make the result look unsuitable.

Uneven makeup

Another mistake made when wearing eyeliner is putting on uneven makeup . That is, draw a line above the eyelid thicker than the other or a shorter one. This practice makes the eyes look out of tune. To avoid this, only soft and fine lines should be applied, when they are the same they must be reviewed with a little more of the same tone.

Blunt eyeliner

If you opt for a pencil eyeliner, it is necessary to verify that the tip is not too pronounced, but that it is not flat either. The ideal is a middle ground, to ensure that the width of the line of both eyes looks the same and with a dazzling look, and obviously, to avoid damage to your eye.


Thick lines on the eyelids

A good eyeliner is characterized by highlighting the natural shape of both eyes . When it is exceeded with the thickness traced on the lids, the result is completely opposite. In this case, the idea is that the lines are narrower towards the internal corners and that they thicken as they extend outwards.

Dry-textured eyeliner pencil

A pencil with a dry texture increases the chances of creating misshapen lines. When passing this cosmetic through the eyelid, the skin wrinkles and ends up with lumps on all sides and irritated skin. To avoid falling into this mistake, a liquid or creamy textured eyeliner is recommended.

Use non-waterproof cosmetics

This is another problem that often occurs when lining the eyes . Many women buy products that are not waterproof, therefore perspiration and tears wreak havoc on makeup. To beautify the eyes it is important to use waterproof cosmetics, but that are ecological.

Tips for properly lining the eyes


To avoid these mistakes, you can try some of the following tips that will help you delineate the eyes properly and be able to highlight their natural beauty.

Understand the shape of your eyes for convenient eyeliner

First you must understand the shape of your eye and what type of delineation is the most suitable for the style of your eyes. All eyes are beautiful within their style, and you can further accentuate their beauty by outlining them in the right way.

Change the black and brown

The color black and brown cannot be used throughout life, you have to try other shades that can completely change the appearance. In order not to make another mistake when lining the eyes, it is recommended to use a brown, purple, green, gray tone, among other colors . The latter can be used to outline the edge of the lower eyelid to give a feeling of wide, awake eyes.


Use the pencil as a guide before applying the eyeliner

For the eyeliner to fit perfectly, it is recommended to first draw a line with the eyeliner so that both are the same. Then it should be reviewed with the liquid eyeliner to highlight the beauty and shape of the face and a good makeup.

Opt for mascara and brush to outline

If you don’t have a liquid eyeliner, there is a simple solution to make your eyes look spectacular. You should dip an eyeliner brush in the mascara, then apply it as usual with the eyeliner and the end result will be much better.

White eyeliner to highlight dark shadows

To highlight the opaque shadows of the eyes, you can apply white eyeliner on the eyelids, spread it as a base and later apply the shadow. This beauty tip helps you prepare before applying the shadow and makes your eyes look radiant and full of life.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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