The diet during the day is governed according to the need of each individual, in the mornings the energy is at its maximum and requires little intake, at noon the consumption is higher, at night each food should be eaten in less quantity. But what happens when it is not? When too many products are consumed before going to sleep, and worse still, some of the foods that you should not eat at night are abused every day, it will be very difficult to fall asleep . You can find out below to avoid them and improve your health.

Foods to avoid eating at night

Overloading the following foods at night causes stomach upset, irritation, poor sleep, and being overweight. If the food you eat is in the following list, then it is time to start avoiding them progressively.


It is hard to believe that despite being one of the heaviest meals at night it is one of the most consumed foods in the world. It happens that the rhythm of life has caused options such as pizza to be chosen to supply a basic need like this. Although delicious, it is full of fats and components that generate high levels of acid, the same as original digestive discomfort. Avoiding it at night is a good idea.

Red meat

It is not to avoid red meats since they contain high levels of iron and protein. However, eating these foods at night complicates the digestive tract too much , and since there is no working day, all this energy that is generated causes a metabolic overload that is not beneficial at this time.


The benefits of dark chocolate such as being an antioxidant are not denied, in fact, some servings during the week are ideal for brain health and to maintain active memory. But ingesting it before sleeping is the problem, chocolate increases the body’s energy, which is not used by most people, over time it causes overproduction of adipocytes that lead to being overweight. Remember, dark chocolate has many benefits, but it is one of the foods that you should not eat at night.


If you should take care of foods that you should not eat at night , then pasta is at the top of the list. Although it is delicious and rich in carbohydrates, both properties are converted into fat that is taken to bed without being used. In turn , metabolism slows down and digestion is hampered causing severe stomach pains. It is advisable to avoid eating these foods at night.

Cheese or dairy

Eat cheese? Yes, but in the morning, its high fat content helps increase your energy reserve. But this process is counterproductive at night, moreover, being a product that is used in hamburgers, pizza, lasagna and others, it is almost impossible not to digest it, the problem is that being so common, over time, it causes overweight evident.

Hot sauce

Hot sauce has antioxidants, in small amounts, of course. However, consuming it before going to bed can cause heartburn, its high carbohydrate and calorie content are not pleasant for the esophagus. Stomach pain at night due to hot sauce is common and therefore it is ideal to avoid it at night.



Soft drinks are so common that it seems hard to believe that they can damage the digestive system at night, in fact they damage it when drunk at any time of the day. Soft drinks have high amounts of sugars and other substances that cause acidity to the body, which damages the walls of the esophagus, stomach, increases stomach pressure and causes gastric reflux. You should avoid the consumption of soft drinks and try other healthy alternatives, mainly water, but if you are in the habit of consuming them, it is highly recommended to avoid them at night.


Consuming them not only ensures an increase in blood sugar levels, but is associated with the incidence of nightmares at night. Scientific studies have shown that both sugar and fat have a direct impact on brain waves , and this explains why you have spent a night with nightmares. This is one of the foods that you should avoid eating for the night but as a more in-depth advice, it would be ideal to avoid them permanently.


Carbonated drinks are foods that you shouldn’t have at night . Aside from its high sugar content, the decomposing carbonate causes a stomach reflux that makes it bloated and leads to high blood pressure. Before going to sleep it will be uncomfortable and cause unwanted dreams, just like soda.


Caffeine is not exclusive to sodas, sweets or the same coffee, basically it is in several foods that are consumed frequently at night. Its prohibition does not come to be total, but rather, to be moderate.

This is one of the uncomfortable issues to deal with because who has not eaten these foods before going to sleep? It is normal to analyze that eliminating these foods from the night diet is impossible, and in fact it is, but the sense of this topic is to inform and avoid on the average that you have a bad night and a disturbed sleep due to having consumed these food before sleeping .

These are some of the foods that you should avoid eating at night and that can cause digestive problems, if you have difficulty sleeping, try avoiding these foods and you can improve your health enormously.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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