Everyone longs to be with someone who is perfect to live together, but this does not always happen. You don’t always get the partner you want. A person with some not serious defects can be given a chance, but if he lacks loyalty, respect for you or love, then it is one of the signs that he is not perfect for you and you should record in your head that that person is not it will change, it is better to each follow his path.

Do you want to know what a perfect boyfriend would look like? Keep reading this note.

1. Accept your flaws

If he has never mentioned what you think is a great defect, and he never tried to make you modify something that you cannot change because that way he would accept you, you are with the ideal person, the man who can accompany you through thick and thin, with or without flaws, when you are beautiful and when you first wake up.

2. Keep learning to have a better relationship

Someone who is trying to improve himself for the greater good of a relationship should give you a lot of confidence. If he is changing his bad habits because he has already accepted that it is not okay to continue down that path, then he loves you and cares about staying better so that the relationship improves as well. Remember that there are two couples, so no one can give more than they expect to receive.

3. Get involved with other family members and friends

You will know that your boyfriend is perfect when you will see that your family members love and accept him as one of the family. This is such an adorable thing and it’s one of the signs that he’s perfect for you.

4. Share almost everything with you

He is honest with you and discusses sensitive issues, things that concern him in life, he deepens and tries to understand mysteries together, tries to reach agreements where both feel free in the relationship and trust continues to grow. This is a clear sign that he is serious about you and that he is interested in serious things.

5. Believe in yourself and respect your decisions

He believes that what you are doing is correct and supports you in your decisions, although he wants to advise you and that you do well in everything you want to do, he does not cut your plans or throw a bad wave at them, this is a sign that you are with a man who does not compete with you and wants the best for you.

6. Loves being around you

This is the most important among all the signs. If he loves to be close to you and says that this makes him happy then you have made a good choice, with this person you can spend very beautiful moments and also feel accompanied.

7. Get the best of you

The person who makes you be your best version and who is the one with whom you feel free to be yourself, is the ideal person to decide a life as a couple, this person will allow you to be, and freedom in a relationship is the most important thing to do. grow and live a healthy relationship.

8. Has confidence in you

Trust and unconditional love make a relationship alive. If he has unshakable trust in you and you feel the same towards him, then you are in the right relationship because you will be happy with him.

9. Makes you feel special and exceptional

If he is really interested in you and in continuing the relationship, he will not give up and will try every method to make you feel special and to live unforgettable moments. We know that both should strive for the couple and make the one they love feel as they deserve, the ideal man knows what his role is and will do it with ease to make you feel someone special.

10. Remember simple details

Although this is difficult to do if he is really interested in you, he will definitely remember the smallest details about you and your outings or experiences together. Right from your love of food to the amount of sugar in your coffee.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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