When we have been dating our partner for a while, it is easy for a series of bad habits that are very harmful to the relationship to appear without us noticing. These types of problems in relationships are of such magnitude that they can cause wear and tear, and end a relationship even when there are still feelings of love.

Bad habits that affect couples

We do most of these bad habits unconsciously , justifying them when they become evident. Without forgetting that each couple has their own unique characteristics, below you will be able to know the main most common negative habits in love relationships.

1- Talk only about work or studies

The first months everything is new, but when we know most of our partner’s things we get stuck in mechanically asking the typical questions related to daily occupations.

If we let our conversations boil down to work or school, there will come a time when we don’t know what to talk about when those topics are over.

2- Forget specific dates

His birthday we never forget (or we should not!), But it is easy for us to forget dates that are not so important a priori such as the birthday of a relative of hers or the day they release a movie that he really wanted to see. see with us.

They show lack of interest and sloppiness, wearing down the relationship to the point of not sharing things together.

3- Stop seeing friends

This does not have so much to do with our partner as the fact that it will affect us personally, inevitably affecting our relationship.

Losing old friends is one of the worst mistakes we can make. It costs nothing to create the healthy habit of contacting them every so often.

4- Spontaneous compliments are over

Saying how beautiful she is today, praising our boy’s clothes or realizing that his hairstyle has been changed are small but fundamental details to maintain the spark in the relationship.

There is nothing worse than making them understand that we are no longer interested in their physical appearance, losing the illusion because they take care of themselves for us without our asking.

5- No plans throughout the week

We all know that routine is one of the most difficult habits to overcome, and it is in large part because it is also one of the most difficult to recognize.

If we reduce our life as a couple to always seeing each other at the same times and always doing the same activities, we will only get time to pass while mutual interest in being together erodes.

6- Give standard gifts

The first months we used to break our heads to give him a gift and now we just go to the store and buy the latest album that has come out; error, and one of the hardest to change.

We have to quickly get out of the habit of automating gifts because the few times in a row that we have made the alarms will go off that ours no longer has the same magic as before.

7- Neglecting our appearance

Another habit that we do not realize because we no longer see it necessary. When we are single we usually take maximum care of everything that has to do with our image, losing interest as we have already achieved our goal of finding a partner.

It is not necessary that we continue to crush ourselves daily to appear perfect, just showing that we are still trying to attract him is enough.

8- Always be tired to do new things

We quickly adapt to the routine, making anything out of it feel uncomfortable. Without having to be constantly innovating with which we are predisposed to move is more than enough.

9- Put other people ahead

We have agreed that we do not want to go to that place that our partner has so much desire, but mysteriously our friends invite us to try a different one and we go fast.

A habit that wears out the way we see ourselves, putting the continuity of the relationship in serious danger.

10- talk less and less

The last habit on the list is both the most subtle and difficult to change because there are people who are not able to recognize it as a problem.

Losing the capacity for dialogue, and assuming that we know what our partner thinks is a big mistake, taking facts and situations for granted and considering that we already know how the other thinks ”, leads us to a distance in communication.

And when communication is lost, it can be replaced by mistrust, misunderstandings and bad agreements, and leads to the gap in communication being filled by someone else.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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